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This. This is why you don't take yourself or your children out when you are sick. Other people are exposed to your plague and Influenza this year is no joke, so please stay away from people if you are sick. Day 3. 102.6 fever.

What?! I am absolutely *not* outside playing in the sunshine instead of writing a speech. And I certainly wouldn't be playing fetch with George. And my feet are most definitely *not* bare. #climatechanged #65degreesinfebruary

First capture of all six of us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Our @barkbox arrived today. George was over the moon to have new toys. Vito only cares about the treats. Either way, I have happy dogs today! #snugglepug

Day 4 with the flu. I'm upright and (mostly) functional thanks to wi-fi, tea, tissues and pugs. Sylvia has been in the room several times to either yell at me for working and not resting or inform me about the snow.
I haven't hugged or kissed or snuggled with my people since Saturday. I miss healthy me. I miss productivity. I miss having a voice. 😷😷😷

My precious Vito. He likes down comforters and feather pillows and reading in bed too. #snugglepug

I've read to this child in bed since he was still inside me. Reading in bed is pretty much the best thing since down comforters and feather pillows were invented. George is just here for the snuggles.

We have substitute teacher for spelling today ☺️ #snugglepug #liamdoes2ndgrade

Homemade ghee. It's so pretty!!!!!

He must have heard me tell Matt I was going to read in bed because when I walked in, George the #snugglepug was waiting for me. 😊

@botanicaorganica I bought a tea steeper from Teavana yesterday. It's perfect for my tea from your class... even Matt thinks it's great... what other teas do you sell?

I just read an article saying that #pugs are the most affectionate breed of dogs. My feet agree. #snugglepug