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Ok. Wish me luck! I am diving into finishing the quilt top over the weekend. I've been pressing and cutting and fussing over my set up for almost four hours. 😙 phew! But I have my #alphabitties by It's Sew Emma and I tell ya, I don't know how on earth I didn't invest earlier. Love them. #quilting #handmadelove

Finally!!!!! I caught up and finished each of the monthly blocks for the @fatquartershop #2016mysteryblockofthemonth Some of those blocks really challenged me as a quilter, some made me feel like I could do anything and some made me cry. Now that the blocks are done, it's time to tackle all the frames, the sashing and the leaf blocks to finish the top. Goal for completion is the end of June.

Guess I'll wait to see until after the sun moves... #snugglepug

I've been asking Liam what kind of a quilt he wants for YEARS. Today he decided he wants the "map quilt" I pinned. I have regrets... this is hours of work in and I haven't even trimmed or started looking for my appliqué transfer. It's probably better I warned him this won't be a quick project. 😬 #handmadelove #quilting

A rainy Saturday seemed like the perfect day to watch wedding shows and try on Mommy's dress. And the sun came out and matched the brightness of her smile. So. Much. Fun.

Just as I sit down for the first time today a complaint was lodged: we haven't done school in a WEEK. Apparently this one isn't interested in a summer vacation. #sylvidoesfirstgrade 📓✏️

Sylvia came to me to ask if she could "work on her knife cuts" and Liam spontaneously started taking responsibility for the laundry. My kids are growing up much faster than I had anticipated!!! So I blogged.

Thanks to Representative Boggs and her commitment to Clean Air for Ohio children!

Matt and I watched @nick_offerman talk about how husbands should make their wives a card with nature on it. It cracked us up and I reminded Matt Mother's Day was coming. Behold: my card with nature! 😂❤️

Two dances in one night! Mama is so proud!!! #ballet #tap #tinybalerina #richlandacademyofthearts

All that hard work and practice... it's recital night! #tinybalerina #ballet #tap @richlandacademyofthearts

This photo hangs in my kitchen and I look at it often. This weekend, Mother's Day weekend, crept up on me. 11 years ago, my family returned from a trip and it was the last time I saw my mom conscious. I remember that day as though it were yesterday and the phone I got the next morning is no less painful. Sitting in her room for the next 5 days talking to her unresponsive body telling her about work and our new puppies. My mom and I didn't understand each other, but we loved each other and I miss her.

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