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Jacಠ‿ಠpo Carozzi 📀  MAILAND Preston maigetter forever ❤️🌹

Hello its me alieno piceno

Sinnataggen 1940/2018

One of the funniest trip i have ever been on is now playing on @transworldskate thanks @nikesb for makin it happen!

Slappy nosegrind revs shot by @kaygeezeee @kg.shotsfired ❤️

😂 thanks @copenhagenopen for the sickest event and parties all the time ! Its pure love ❤️ give the 2 dj girls a trophy



Mignon Lineare

@minuitaudiovisual 👁🚦 chapter2 #hills

Backward minuit @minuitaudiovisual

@minuitaudiovisual is back in town😍 #minutmission

Bossman got his vest back! Hard times! Big love! @thrasheradio

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