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Puffco  Award winning technology. Industry leading innovation. Designed and engineered in-house. Email Support@puffco.com for help. Peaks now available at...

There’s never been a better way to bring out all the colorful aspects your concentrates have to offer, while being free to move wherever you please.
*If you haven’t gotten posted in our story yet, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying and we’ll find you. We love seeing your perspective.

Go bananas - The yellow Travel Pack is now available for a limited time only at Puffco.com

It’s real.
Don’t slip on this release, banana yellow Travel Pack hits tomorrow at 3PM PST. - only at Puffco.com.

They’ll have to peel it out of your hands. The limited edition banana yellow Peak Travel Pack is ripe for picking this week at Puffco.com.🍌 Stay tuned for more!

Don’t hold your breath, limited supply. The NY mind riders merch drop is now available. Online only release at Puffco.com.

Get the wheels turning. A second colorway for our NY mind riders shirt. Black and grey limited release tomorrow.

An important part of the Puffco experience is opening your mind to a new perspective, and exploring the direction it takes you. A limited merch drop is coming this Thursday, stay tuned for more.
*size Large shown

CBD, BHO, Solventless. The Peak is not only the most portable, but most flavorful way to bring out the magic in ALL your concentrates.
What have you been using in your Peak lately?

We’d love to know what you’re puffing on now that there is a new extendable ceramic sauce dart tip in the Puffco Plus. *The Plus is a pocket rig, treat it like one. Keep it clean and make sure you’re holding it straight up and down so the oil hits the bottom of the chamber.

Innovation requires a vision for what could be instead of simply how things are. @ryanfitt continuously builds on the Peak platform to share his vision for glass. The center cone is comprised of a transparent grey that has been layered in white glass and topped with an encased opal sphere. The outer cone is clear glass layered in white glass, both sections were freehand designed and masked, sandcarved and flame polished, finishing work includes hand cut inlayed opals for the puffco logo and finalized with polished nickel plating. NFS - In the collection of @cooterbrown420 photo @jaredcortlandart

Now you see me, now you don’t. An indicator shouldn’t be visible if it isn’t indicating anything, thats why when the device isn’t heating the light ring becomes invisible. The magic of designing in house is that we get to control all the nuances of both the aesthetic and the experience.

Your battery lasts longer than you think it does. Be sure to hold the button down for 3 seconds after your sesh to power it down (will buzz to let you know it’s off). Make a habit of it - It’s one thing we see a large amount of users forgetting to do. *Be sure to use the charging brick we provided as well for the fastest charge, any micro usb cable will work though.

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