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Puffco  Award winning technology. Industry leading innovation. Designed and engineered in Brooklyn, NY 🔞


For wherever your Sunday strolls lead. Even if it's just from bed to couch.

Lindsey fueling up to feed the NYC nightlife scene as a dancer and performer. What are you fueling up for tonight?

Last year Los Angeles spent 104 hours idling in traffic, and New Yorkers spent 90. You can't control the flow around you, but you certainly can control your own. Set your intentions on positively affecting your environment this week despite what may surround you.

Gravity keeps earth and the other planets in our solar system in orbit around the sun. The moon's gravity causes the ocean tides. Gravity is responsible for the structure of our universe. It also makes the wax on the Puffco Plus dart drip off and strike the hot surface below, replicating the dab experience. So be sure you're using your Plus straight up and down to let gravity work it's magic.

The average cumulus cloud (big puffy one) contains 1.1 million pounds of water per cloud floating over our heads! Massively heavy and light at the same time. Pictured here are altocumulus clouds, often found between a warm and cold front.

Do you find yourself using your Puffco alone or with friends most? We love good company but find our own usage is more habitual than being reserved strictly for social scenarios. Is there such thing as too much consumption or dependency and how do you strike the balance?

Would you for a free Plus? Snakes smell with their tongues, so he probably got a whiff of the terps and latched on.

For wherever your weekend adventures lead, bring a companion that you can count on. It's the perfect time now that we have a summer-ending sale going till Tuesday for 15% off sitewide at puffco.com.

You see what happens Larry! This is what happens when you see the Puffco Plus in action with the top down. During normal use, the dart on the mouthpiece places your oil onto the hot ceramic surface and instantly vaporizes your favorite concentrates. As you can see, this process replicates the dabbing experience in a pocket sized device.

What's on your dart and why? With so many new concentrates available, how do you decide?

All roads lead here. Since everyone loved the original Puffco Pro, we created the Pro 2 to satisfy our fans. We improved the coil / rod combination for better flavor, added an innovative mouthpiece connection, and made the device smaller. We get comments all the time about the original Pro, what makes you miss it after trying both the Pro and Pro 2?

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