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Puffco  Award winning technology. Industry leading innovation. Designed and engineered in Brooklyn, NY 🔞. Email support@puffco.com for Peak assistance - no dm

Happy 4/20 everyone. We wanted to share some of the entries for the 2018 Puffco Glass Open. Check out www.puffco.com/glassopen to see all of the entries as they’re received. This will be a permanent page on the Puffco Website featuring all entries with links to their IG accounts. Well also be using it as an online glass gallery for every attachment ever made after the contest. What’s your favorite so far?
———Less than two weeks left until the May 1st submission deadline. Email GlassOpen@Puffco.com for a discounted Peak and/or specs ASAP.
———Please follow this photography format for all submissions (make sure your photos match this style).
———In order of appearance

4/20 Sale and Restock: Buy a Puffco Peak and get a FREE 420 limited Puffco t-shirt (at checkout) Thursday through Sunday. (All order will ship out by Friday April 27th). We're also offering:
35% Off on the Puffco Pro 2
35% Off on Select Plus Accessories.

Starting Thursday 4/19 at 10 AM (PST) until Sunday 10PM (PST)- We’re rolling out more merch soon for those that already have a Peak.

No torches, no hassle, just push a button and get the best possible experience. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list at puffco.com and look out tomorrow for announcements about our 4/20 sales.

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” - Blaise Pascal - 1657

We had the time, and it took us a year to make the process of dabbing approachable to anyone. Everything that feels obvious about the Peak is the result of a lengthy process of simplifying complicated tasks and routines that became pain points of getting the perfect concentrate experience. For those who got a Peak, has it replaced your rig, or added travel option?

So long reservations, hello freedom. The Puffco Peak is now available for purchase at puffco.com from here on out. Atomizers, carb caps, and chargers are now available as well. Tag a friend that needs one.
We want to thank all first adopters for their support. If you experience any issues, send one email with the subject “Peak” to support@puffco.com. Instagram wasn’t built for customer service and we want to make sure we’re being as effective as possible.

For us, innovation isn’t the sum of the parts that make up the Peak. It’s the intuitive human experience that comes as a result. Faster, easier, and more accessible than ever before. This is the Puffco Peak.

- Time flies, fly with it -
GLASS OPEN EXTENSION: We’re loving what we’re seeing from the glass community, so we’re extending the submission deadline to May 1st to give more artists a chance to enter.
**Be sure to tag your submission #puffcoglassopen on IG
AND email multiple angles on a black background / floor to GlassOpen@Puffco.com

There’s only 12 days left to enter the 2018 Puffco Glass Open. Tag your favorite local glass artist and we’ll pick one winner to give a free Puffco Peak. The time is now.
**EMAIL glassopen@puffco.com for a discounted Peak, sizing specs, and any questions you may have**

“Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin” - Nas - If I ruled the world - 1996
Puffco 2018 - We look back and remember those who sacrificed years in prison for something that we casually enjoy now. Although scenes like this aren’t the standard, stigmas and fears are slowly being replaced by tolerance and personal rights. The criminals of yesterday are now the thought leaders of today.

The 2018 Puffco Glass Open is a contest open to both big and small artists. *We are providing glass artists a pdf with Specs and Discounted Peak Bases to ensure every artist has the opportunity to participate. Tag your favorite local glassblower to be sure they know this information. - For any glass inquiries, please email your artist IG page and questions to GlassOpen@Puffco.com
Congratulations to @nalston13 AND @miickiieee - you followed the rules and your squad gave you the support needed to secure a free peak. We’re reaching out to a few others for some free swag.

A new level of discretion comes to dabbing. Just make sure you’re down-wind of your neighbor.
We’re sorting through the thousands of comments today to select a winner for the Peak giveaway - will announce the winner on our next post.

Good times are better when shared.
Tag your friends you want to sesh the new Puffco Peak with, and we’ll pick one winner to champion their crew.
*The more friends that reply to your tagged comment showing why they want the Peak, the better the chances of winning. The whole squad has to participate. No one under 18. (1) total Puffco Peak will be awarded to one winner. Winner announced next post.

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