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mama pudds  Call me kat/pudds | belgian | I COULD be a trap 😏 🌱Nico robin > you 🌱Next con : Abunai (sunday) 🌱Next cos : megumin? 🌱Edgy_bio.txt


Ya boi is in a cmv !! And a very cool one with very cool ppl !

Mad love, respect and credits for apple works (@dnstje) on fb en youtube , give him the love plox ;w;

But also pls take a look at the amazing cosplayers in the vid like my dragon maid squad :
@megumichanx @jeffrey_the_black_tiger and @bluesafaia
And some beloved friends


And the rest of the amazing cosplayers that I don't really know ;w; but their links are in the description

For anyone saying " that's too much filter pudds !!" . I'm in a processing line coming from 2015! Yikes

Pudds update

Room cleaning : 80% done
Bathroom - make up sorting : 52% done
How I feel about society : done

Tired level : 99%
Being able to fall asleep : error
Mood : positive
Still got alot of stuff to do + hanging out with some friends tomorrow and Tuesday, gonna use Wednesday for a new neferpitou try out ( got new lenses for her ooooo >w>) and Thursday is my birthday :D *confetti*

That was it for the pudds update , hope you'll all have a great start of the new week ~ β€πŸ‘Œ

I'm having trouble sleeping and I need to wake up early so I can go to ikea tomorrow. 1like=one prayer for goodnight sleep.

Lemme just drop a picture that someone took of me at the con, reconsidering my life choices while one of my "dragon"balls is sliding down

press F to pay respect
πŸ“·: @/toroagirlcosplay

My best selfie from the con is with waifus in the back πŸ‘Œ explains~

You guys can expect con pics the coming days, I don't really have new stuff planned ;w;
My birthday is in 10 days , still got to go out with some friends, find a wig for abunai and plan my trip to abunai so idk if I have time for much new stuff.

Hope you are all doing well ❀

Derp ft @x_alymoon_x's headset ------
Con is over , was so nice to see my babies back ! Felt much more comfortable in my kanna cos. Didn't find a white wig for vanilla tho ;0;


"Okay just stay in character"
Me : .... ..... .......
Aye I really like this picture so I thought i'll share it here , I have a raging headache and I need to wake up very early tomorrow so rip me. Goodnight everyone!
Smooches and such 😚

I literally just came back home and I was like fuck it I wanna wear my vanilla cos. So excuse my "normal" make up and the wrong wig (the wig I received was shitβ„’ so i'm using my menma wig, gotta find a new one next weekend on atsusacon) . I love this costume so much okey!?!? I'm going to do a better costest tomorrow or monday~

Droppings this pic here to make a quick announcement:

First : VANILLA is here ! Gonna costest her this sunday and will wear it on abunai this year.
Second : on my last livestream somebody proposed that I would do a stream while playing/doing something. Like, the only game i'm good at is the sims XD so is anyone interested in that? if there are enough ppl I'll figure out how twitch works and do it there ;w;

I wanted to post the normal one but the sideboob was tooo prominent so there is that. I'll use the uncensored one if I need extra followers 😏😎 jk jk.
Gonna livestream tomorrow after i'm back from my afternoon hangout with 2 amazing peeps. What would you prefer; cosplay or non-cosplay pudds, or are there certain things you want me to discuss ? Let me know ❀
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