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Rip my cat ears but heyyy it's yah favorite ant :D
My costume for pitou sucksβ„’ but I finally fit into my pants again ! Yay for hospital food being disgusting x3 tho with how much fast food and sweets I eat in the weekends, it probably wouldn't take long before they are too small again πŸ˜…
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believe it or not ,I've been out of cosplans recently. I know I posted about izuna in my story a day or so ago but thinking it through , I think i'll only be doing a try-out. I can always do try-outs but I need plans for the coming coventions and i'm too afraid to bring kanna because I will get shit for being the 1000th kanna on the con. And it's hard to chose something else 'cause :
1. It has to be a character I enjoy and not "cosplay something just for the sake of hype/popularity"
2. can't be too exposed : i'm safe in the comfort of my room to do things like off-shoulder shit and some cheeky boob here and there but I don't feel comfortable running around a con like that ;w;
3. It can't be too expensive, even if I try to make it myself it mostly turns out to cost waay to much.for a project that i'm starting now ( sort of secret cosplay) I need a wig that's more than 70 dollars and imagine if I fuck up with styling. I don't have a job and I pay my cosplays with money that I get with my birthday, Christmas , ect. And I refuse to take others ppl money for it so my budget is pretty smol.

I could always try to bring back old cosplays that I have done but with me lending out almost all my cosplays to my friends, my stuff is scattered across the country x3

Sorry for the extremely long post, but if any of you have any feedback or ideas or cosplans that I haven't thought pls feel free to leave it in the comments or dm me ;w; my next con is in 2/3 months so I have plenty of time but I do like to plan beforehand.


*repost because i don't have time to make new content atm* repost galore tbh but bringing this one back. I still want to redo her but the wig i used for her is with a friend atm. Speaking of wigs. I do like to get a custom made wig for mei , i'm shit at styling wigs but I want to make this cosplay 10/10. So if you know any ppl who do wig commission , pls let me know ;w; -------------------------------
#repostsagainoeps #thesedaysijustgotomyfbtogettheseback #meiterumi #narutocosplay #naruto #mizukage

The non-cosplay pudds I found back looking through my photo's. Sorry for the lack of new content ;w; i'm still waiting to get some pictures back. Maybe i'll redo my neferpitou tomorrow~

Waifu for laifu
Send @megumichanx a dm saying " u pure " or go give her some love on her page.
Puddi update :
Doing pretty well tbh. When to the zoo with @/silver_cosplay_fitness. Died of the heat tho , I can't handle temperatures over 12Β°C

Last emilia picture :3
This time without the morphing cat face thingy ( altho still alot of filter :D)

I luv emoeliah

@megumichanx let me borrow her emilia cosplay ;w; I love it so much ! It's a shame that i'm too big for it ;w; ( looks good in the front but the back wouldn't close up ;w;) but i'm planning to buy one myself so I can wear it on cons :3
#emiliacosplay #rezero #rezerocosplay πŸ’•

Look who's here πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Last kanna picture for now~
My waifu @/megumichanx
Is coming over next week so I might do kanna and saikawa with her πŸŒšπŸ‘Œ.

That's wicked ....(/Β·-Β·)/
How does one pose like kanna ? Help ??
(*whispers* thankyoufor20kfollowersyouareallsoamazingletmeloveu)
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