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Living the best life possible🎯  👊🏾 Vibeke Sandnes Peters 🏃 Personal Trainer - SATSELIXIA -Level 4 👜 Serving in the Tamil group - Oslo - Norway - jw

Just🔥☑️🔥checking &changing for service after an inspiring day😊 Program & course for maintenance of our Kingdom Halls 👉🏾and as usual; high standard of our education ⭐️🙌🏽⭐️Saving millions of dollars, and makes it possible to build new halls in other parts of the world 🧡fantastic organization & world wide brotherhood 🤩 Long time since I learned so much, in a short time - Thank you brothers & sisters 💞 #education #jw #learning #jwfriends

31.10.🎀last day of the « breast cancer « campaign today⭐️✌🏽⭐️I learned from this october’s campaign that YOU CAN SQUAT EVERYWHERE 💪🏽🤩💪🏽with EVERYONE 🎉🧡🎉& ALWAYS - ( and be happy if you are healthy enough to do ONE squat, never take it for granted ! be grateful ! ) even on high heels - on the girls night out 👠👛👠 here with the best friends possible 💖 outside at Aker Brygge ; before the show at «Latter» - Dagfinn Lyngbø joined us 😀👍🏾 It’s not « just the thought « that matters......DO IT 😀 And if you know anybody who is affected by cancer, make sure you call them or 👉🏾 visit 🌸 it’s never OK to forget .............#satsmotkreft #kreftforeningen #oslo Takk for en hærlig kveld @cthepilot @cathrinejorstad @lindaheinrichs @trinesgundersen 🎀👌🏾🎀

FASCINATED⚠️Perfect Recycling😊Just had to stop after our special meeting & campaign, to touch, smell and feel one of these incredibly BEAUTIFUL SILENT «FACTORIES» today......🧡reminds me of both the carbon /oxygen cycle, and the nitrogen/ lightening cycle- ( through « the «carpet» ) and all this production of vegetation and breathable air happens cleanly ⭐️👌🏾efficiently ⭐️👌🏾and quietly ⭐️👌🏾and still they look so amazing when the clorophyll disappears from the leaves at this time of the year .......💕

So I pressed the PAUSE botton - and experienced a RESET ⭐️💕⭐️Psalm: 143: 5 👉🏾
« I meditate on all your activity...... « 👉🏾 Take the time look up to the sky.....what you see is ever changing.....there is nothing exactly like it before,nor will there ever be again .....nor two sunrises, or nor two sunsets are ever exactly like ..... ponder, muse, meditate !......eyes see only light, ears here only sounds, but a grateful heart perceives meaning 💙what you will feel is a refreshment of the soul, a RESET OF YOUR MIND ..........

1.9.2018- 1.9.2019 👉🏾New service year 👉🏾HERE WE GO 👊🏽😊👊🏽priceless & strenghtening moments this week in the ministry 👉🏾 no wonder it’s called a TREASURE⭐️🧡⭐️ Had the privelige to join cruiseship preaching this week in Lofoten - People from Russia, Israel and China and many more approched us......Just one of many nice ex ; At pic 6, you can see Arun from Kerala in India- chef at a big cruiseship - he was so touched to finally meet JW in Norway, that he immediately called his wife in India so she could «see» us, and talk to us 💕and of course he got inspired by Jim, who is an experienced Captain,now pioneering with his wife in Lofoten @jimoglailailofoten😍( pic 9 )
- also had some great experiences, using our card while hiking.......trying to remember what we sing 👉🏾 «it’s THE PERSON- not the place - THE HEART 💙and not the face»

Don’t kill my GRATITUDE 💙 VIBE 🔥♥️🔥we all know people that by all standards, should seem to be happy......but they are not.........on the other hand we know people that face many- many difficult challenges every day......but they just seem to radiate happiness😊True happiness is a biproduct of GRATITUDE 💖It is more than just a feeling brothers & is a is a DISPOSITION........and it is a CHOICE⭐️💪🏽⭐️

NATURE isn’t a place to’s called HOME 🧡forever💕 Ecc: 3:11 «......He has even put ETERNITY in their heart; yet mankind will never find out the work .......»

ROADS ARE MADE TO BE USED🔥🚙🔥 our small Tamil group has not finished Oslo yet,but sooner or later we want to reach out to all of Norway🇳🇴So I’m heading NORTH👆🏾well armed with our beautiful litterature 👜SO inspired after our Special convention, and the Evening Gathering with the main character KNUT; freezing, walking, skiing, and cycling for months👊🏽⭐️👌🏾and all our zealous brothers & sisters around the world ;so I was thinking 👉🏾 YOU even have a (green old )CAR😀GO😀Don’ t know if we’ll make it all the way to KIRKENES @sreriksen .........but then we have to come back🙏🏿 beautiful meeting, friends and Kingdom Hall in Mo!

🧡⭐️AMAZING WEEKEND ⭐️🧡 Special convention in Oslo this weekend 🎉🌸🎉🌸🎉 incredibly touched, strengthened, and happy - our extended family- in all shapes and colours - so beautiful 💕 He sees the heart 💖 Reminded me of this verse: «And I will shake all the nations, and the precious things things of all the nations will come in .......» Hag:2:7 💙👉🏾fantastic experience tonight- met a family from Oman- bordering on Yemen and Saudi Arabia- extremely encouraging to here their story 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

BE COURAGEOUS 🤩Special Convention in Oslo this weekend💙The girl the middle is undoubtedly the bravest person I know 💪🏽in addition to serious illness, she is also blind, yet she started pioneering last year ⭐️👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 ⭐️ she is one of my best friends & heroine when it comes to mindset- so grateful that I met her some years ago in the ministry, and after 3 years of very interesting and challenging studies, ( she’s extremely smart) she became one of our sisters💕💕

Great view over Oslo, and the fjord⭐️👌🏾Looking forward to see the city full of delegates for Oslo Special Convention 👉🏾just remember 👉🏾 PAUSE & REFLECT 💙remember the last sentence in the talk.....? « we are never more than ONE THOUGHT AWAY from increased peace of mind, and greater peace of heart « 🧡 GRATITUDE 🧡

🧡FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY 🧡European Circuit Overseer is visiting our small Tamil group (9 pub)in Oslo Norway this week 🎉😊🎉 Denmark last week, Oslo this week, and then they travel straight to our brothers & sisters in Munich⭐️such a self-sacrificing & inspiring couple! great speech today- and zealous friends from Århus, supporting our Tamil group in the service this week👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 - reaching out to app 12.000 tamils in Norway......

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