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#PTSRS | Will Lee  Uniting enthusiasts and owners of the #painttosample Porsches, with a focus on the GT cars & 911 R. For inquiries and submissions:

Sound on! Exclusive in-car video of the #GT2RS, thanks to @maxzappolino who had the opportunity to ride shotgun in a test car in Stuttgart. Far from high revs or high speeds since this is on civilian streets, but still rather cool. This is a White Weissach Package example (4204) that you can find more pictures of on @maxzappolino's page soon. Speaking of the #GT2RS, drop a line below with your guesses on its Nürburgring lap time, which should be announced in the not too distant future.

The first U.S. sighting of a North American-spec 991.2 GT3 manufacturer car, seen by @christianparchuke (and shared on Rennlist by @idk_alex) at a Chick-fil-A in Saint Petersburg, Florida yesterday. Amber side markers, roof wart, and the narrower rear license plate housing are the tell-tale signs of a North American-spec example. Guards Red with PCCBs and wheels in either Satin Aluminum or the standard Silver - difficult to tell not having seen both finishes together in person. Who among our North American readers is awaiting a .2 GT3?

An exclusive shot of South Africa's only paint to sample Agate Grey Metallic (achatgraumetallic; M7S) 991.1 GT3 RS, much thanks to the owner. 1 of 4 Agate Grey examples in the world. I reckon Agate Grey is one of the most suitable colors for the RS. Would love to see how it would look with silver wheels. What are your thoughts on this configuration? #PTSRS

Presenting the only confirmed paint to sample China Grey (non-metallic UNI; W43) 991.1 GT3 RS. This shot of the car, supplied by Porsche to model-car retailers as a reference picture for an official 1:43 scale model due out soon, is from the former Porsche Exclusive lounge in Zuffenhausen before the Porsche Exclusive CXX options were applied to the car. China Grey is an Aston Martin color, and had I not known that a China Grey RS even existed, I would have assumed this to be Nardo Grey. However, I have also received confirmation that only one Nardo Grey RS was produced. Though unclear as to when, the car was delivered to a German collector. Did not anticipate learning of a new PTS RS this late into the year. What are your thoughts on this RS? Photo courtesy of Exclusive-Porsche-Models. #PTSRS

Presenting the legend Walter Röhrl's paint to sample Oak Green Metallic (oakgrünmetallic; 22L) 911 R, chassis #900/991, with a few tasteful highlights in Rhodium Silver. I first featured a scanned image of this car a few months ago when it first appeared on a recently published biography of Herr Röhrl. My friend Frank (@porsche_ft67) with the Fashion Grey 911 R spent some time with Herr Röhrl recently, and you can check out more shots of the pair on Frank's account. A fun fact: Herr Röhrl's choice of Oak Green was a personal recommendation of his friend Michael Mauer, Chief Designer of Porsche and the Head of Design for VW AG. I think it was a splendid choice. What are your thoughts on this R? #PTSRS

Presenting the first ever paint to sample Midnight Purple Pearl (mitternachtsliliametallic; W86) Porsche, on this brand new 991.2 Turbo S Cabriolet just delivered to Porsche of North Olmsted near Cleveland, Ohio. The color is from the owner's Acura NSX (available only for '95-96), and the owner waited a year from order due to the additional lead time for the feasibility approval of the color. With over $37k in CXX options alone, the final MSRP surpasses $280k for this very special car. Thanks to the owner, the color is now available as PTS for the 991 and 718 range. What are your thoughts on this color? #PTSRS

UPDATE: Thanks to our readers @mkwrmd, @carline_chris, and @happy_porsche, this color is almost certainly Cassis Red Metallic, a Special Color (sonderfarbe) that was available for the 911 and 928 in the late 80's. // Here is a color I have never before seen, on this 991.2 C4S seen in Munich, Germany by local reader Tommy on his way to work. Judging by the Stuttgart registered plates and the "Porsche Drive" plate frame, my best guess is this is a manufacturer car doing a feasibility test of a potential candidate for an upcoming production color. I have cross checked all approved paint to sample colors, and have arrived at nothing. What are your thoughts on this color? Much thanks to Tommy for the submission. #PTSRS

A stunning paint to sample Signal Yellow (signalgelb; non-metallic UNI; 114) 991.2 C2 GTS, recently picked up by Rennlist member "PeteyDaddy" in the NYC area. Imagine coming across this on a stroll. Just smitten by this configuration. Signal is my favorite of the yellows for sure, as @og_amer indoctrinated me to believe. Photo courtesy of the owner. #PTSRS

Many readers couldn't believe the "close to six figures" statement regarding the price of the Phyton Green "Chromaflair" paint on this Turbo S. Swipe right for the proof, thanks to reader @jcaobs. €82,645. For this car, the CXX options (special wishes requiring custom tailoring) alone total over €107k. The car is already on display at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur booth at the Nürburgring for the AvD-Oldtimer-Grandprix. Local readers should certainly check it out and share with us your impressions of the color. #PTSRS

A PTSRS Exclusive: This paint to sample Phyton Green "Chromaflair" 991.2 Turbo S will be the show car for Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur at the upcoming AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix this weekend at the Nürburgring. According to @killsbugsfast who saw this car in person, this is one of several "Chromaflair" paints for which only five examples are produced per year, and is priced close to six figures. There are also blue, gold, and violet versions of "Chromaflair", with the violet example having been displayed before in Zuffenhausen. What are your thoughts on this color? #PTSRS

Continuing the air-cooled theme with this Maritime Blue (maritimblau; non-metallic UNI; 38B) 964, seen outside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart by @andrewhurstphoto. A clean 2-owner car that has clicked over 200,000 kms - thoroughly enjoyed for sure. This shot does a good job of capturing the violet tone in Maritime Blue. Paging @cjwilsonphoto. Thanks for sharing your shots with us Andrew. #PTSRS

Here is a stunning paint to sample Horizon Blue Metallic (37X) 993 Turbo with a RUF Turbo R Optics Package, owned by @sfbanchs, an avid reader of @ptsrs in Florida. According to the owner, it is one of three 993 Turbos in this color, and he has enjoyed it for the past 12 years as the second owner. Horizon Blue Metallic, unfortunately, is not available as PTS for any current Porsche. Much thanks to the owner for sharing the car with us. If you own a #painttosample Porsche and would like to share your story with us, please reach me via email: #PTSRS

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