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#PTSRS | Will Lee  Uniting enthusiasts and owners of the #painttosample Porsche's, with a focus on the GT cars & 911 R. For inquiries and submissions:

A PTSRS Exclusive: More shots of the brand new Saffron Yellow Metallic (safrangelb) 991.2 Turbo S test car from Weissach. I have received multiple separate confirmations regarding the color. The first and second shots show the wide spectrum of the color under different lighting conditions. The resemblance to Ferrari's Giallo Triplo Strato, as one source had alluded to, is definitely there. As a refresher, Saffron is the new four-layer paint with intermediate sanding that will be available exclusively on the Turbo and Turbo S ranges later this year. Thoughts on Saffron? Would you like Porsche to make this available to the rest of the portfolio?

Sheer perfection. Here is an exclusive shot of my good friend's PTS Irish Green (irischgrün; non-metallic UNI; Y79) 911 R, chassis #110/991, from Würzburg, Germany. The most popular car featured on this page last year. Every detail down to the painted centerlocks, meticulously gone over by the owner with Porsche Exclusive. See more at #IrishGreenR.

UPDATE 05/24/17: Confirmed as Saffron Yellow - Just in from the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach - a brand new 991.2 Turbo S in an "unknown" Yellow, spotted by @porsche_weissach. After our last little episode on Saffron, I am hesitant to make any calls. But based on this unfiltered, unenhanced shot, let's piece together a few things. 1) This appears to be a darker yellow than Racing Yellow. More similar to Speed Yellow, but having seen both side by side in person, this also appears to be lighter than Speed. 2) This is certainly not Signal Yellow, which has been confirmed to be the color on the 991.2 GT3 press car I featured earlier. 3) This is on a Turbo S, which aligns with the official press release. 4) Saffron has been suggested to resemble Ferrari's Giallo Triplo Strato and Mercedes-AMG's Solarbeam Yellow. 5) Saffron is due for release sometime this year, and we are already approaching mid-year. 6) This was at the Development Centre in Weissach. Will let you decide, but I'm a tad more bullish about this one.

Another look at the PTS Oak Green Metallic (22L) 991.2 Targa 4S at Porsche Zentrum Bensberg, near Cologne, Germany. Photo courtesy of Rennlist member "beoliving".

And here it is: the only PTS Gemini Metallic (335) 991 GT3 RS in the world. The owner, based in the U.K., had learned about my page from the folks at @rpmtechnik. His affinity for the PTS program began with his PTS Slate Grey 991.1 GTS. He remarks, "My Gemini choice was easy on the RS, as I had been through the pain of choosing the PTS colour for the GTS. On the GTS I wanted an original Porsche colour that didn't stand out and blended in to everyday traffic, but stood out to those in the know.
I went through many old colours and visited the factory to see colours up close. After choosing Slate for the GTS I knew I wanted a blue RS, but felt and still do feel that all the other blues like Maritime/Mexico/Riviera have been done to death." As to how he arrived at Gemini, he shared, "Then after seeing a Gemini 991 Italian Edition Targa on the production line, I was hooked. No one had heard of it, and essentially everyone said I had chosen the wrong colour for the car. I also didn't choose the Sport Chrono Pack, and was told by everyone that would make the car unsellable in the future. Now that was the car for me. Now of course everyone who sees the car thinks it's perfect too, which of course, it is!" Very happy to finally learn of the story behind this very special car. Thanks to the owner for sharing the story and shots of the car. What are your thoughts on Gemini?

Paging @racemor. A PTS Oak Green Metallic (22L) 991.2 Targa 4S from Porsche Zentrum Bensberg, near Cologne, Germany. Oak Green is a color I have yet to see in person. It is very different from all the non-metallic greens I have featured lately, and I have never seen it done on a modern Porsche in North America yet. PZ Hamburg had a 991.2 C4S in one, and @dimi650 had an authorized repaint done for his 991 GT3 RS in Moscow, Russia. PZ Bensberg has a long history of ordering a diverse array of PTS cars for their inventory, and is a place I would love to visit during my next visit to Germany. Photo courtesy of Rennlist member "beoliving".

A brand new PTS Gulf Blue (gulfblau; non-metallic UNI; 328) 911 R with painted Gulf Orange highlights, belonging to Rennlist member "swb3", has just arrived at a dealer in midwestern United States. Chassis #887/991. Swipe right for more shots taken by the owner. This example is one of the most bespoke I have seen (which explains the very late delivery, as this is still a model year 2016 vehicle) - not only with the exterior, but more importantly also the interior which is fully upholstered in Ascot Brown (from the Carrera GT). Even the steering wheel 12 o' clock marker is done in Ascot Brown. The LWBs also have piping in matching Gulf Orange. I also would not be surprised if the Gulf Orange stripes on these are painted - it at least appears so in these pictures. A short note signed by Andreas Preuninger underneath the hood is a great touch as well. Hopefully we can learn more about this example. Photos courtesy of the owner.

Stories are simply the best. Up next is this, the only example of its kind in the world. The Gemini. Stay tuned. #PTSRS

A PTS Brewster Green (non-metallic UNI; 22B) 991.1 GT3 RS awaiting its new owner at the former delivery lounge in Zuffenhausen last July. It is the first time I see this particular example with the Satin Black wheels on steels and LED headlights in Black. Photo courtesy of Rennlist member "docfink".

A brand new PTS Acid Green (acidgrün; non-metallic UNI; 2M8) 991.2 Turbo S, just sold at Pfaff Porsche in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. Acid Green is one of the more recent additions to the list of approved PTS colors for the 991 and 718 ranges. Prior to that, Acid Green was only available exclusively on the 918, and calipers painted in Acid Green were exclusive to the e-Hybrid ranges of the Cayenne and Panamera. Would love to see Acid Green and Birch Green (lichtgrün; 253) together in person. I would suspect Acid to be a tad brighter. Photos courtesy of @zerosixtwofour.

A brand new PTS Nardo Grey (nardograu; non-metallic UNI; Y7C) 991.2 Targa GTS at Porsche Centrum Maastricht in the Netherlands. Nardo Grey, an Audi color, is one of the more recent additions to the list of approved colors for the PTS program. Yet, it also seems to be one of the most popular choices already. Have seen it already on several variants of the 911, from the 991.2 C2S, Turbo S, and to even the 911 R. What are your thoughts on Nardo Grey for the 911? Photo courtesy of @porschegroepzuid.

A brand new PTS Ruby Star (sternrubin; non-metallic UNI; 82N) 991.2 GTS at Porsche Zentrum Hamburg Nord-West, courtesy of One of the few PTS colors I have had the privilege of seeing in person (on the 991 GT3 RS from Toronto). I have a special affinity for this color, as the sternrubin 964 RS is one of my all time favorite Porsche's. Great to see it on a 991.2 for the first time.

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