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Drew Guyll  Owner of In Motion FITness (@getinmotionfit) Certified Personal Trainer Golf Fitness Specialist (TPI-CGFI) Fitness and Nutrition Coaching #GetIMFIT

Today's #workout for my Saturday group was intense!! A half pyramid climb with cardio added as an "Active Rest" 😈 It doesn't look like much on the board, but trust me it gets you working that's for sure. Proud of my tribe! Everyone came in for a Saturday morning class and was straight up #business!! Came in and went right to #work. Love it!!

My turn!! #GetIMFIT

When you decide to have a little fun with your night crew because they mentioned how much they enjoy cardio. 😈

Celebrating #nationalpuppyday with a long walk on the Danvers Rail Trail and breakfast at @dailyharvest_cafe.

Date night with the beautiful @3m1ly44. 🍸🍺

A nice morning walk and time spent in the park with the Bean to start the day. πŸ•

Took a little break from reality today with the little man.

Not every #workout should be about how much weight you can lift or how fast you can run. Though I do love the heavy strength and conditioning days. (Especially that Airdyne.😁) Working out should be about variety and change all while leaving your comfort zone. If you want to get stronger and faster, then you have got to do something you never once thought possible.
Can't do a #pullup? That's fine. Don't think you can kip your way on up and start out doing a Marine on the first try. Not gonna happen. A baby doesn't start to sprint from a crawl...unless of course you're my kid, but that's for another you need to get out of your head and start from square one. Maybe it's with assistance and fewer reps. Maybe it's with a spotter. It could be anything. Just don't look at the bar and walk away. Look at that bar. Say "F%@k you bar! I got this!" Now, keep going until you get that one. Then do it again and again.
Something to think about if you continue to not succeed and want to quit. Try thinking about how hard it is to do a pull up or even run a 5K at that. Ask yourself this question when your struggles take over. What's harder? A pull up/5K or the life's occasional curveball?
Now, get up off your ass and get back to work!! #spartan #spartanrace #ocr #getfit #GetIMFIT

Always taking my pillow and refusing to move. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tonight's sunset looks like a Phoenix rising from behind the clouds.

Had a great time with @3m1ly44 at the @eaglemthouse last night celebrating a beautiful wedding and an amazing view!

"Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar."

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