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Lesala_lesh_koetle  -Girl I'm ugly but you a snackšŸŖ -Elevated -PG 99 -Gods & Devils -I don't fuck with religionšŸ˜€ -bookings at

-Tucked in

-Do not disturb mode enabled

-your bitch sloppy ,but she know we always poppinšŸ»

-Therapy's been sinning and niggas getting offended ,they do not want to fuck with me cause I do not fuck with religion , you fuckers don't have to listen here put this middle finger in your ear

-I'm just a teenager , who admits he's suicide prone
-My life is doing pretty good , so that day is postponed

-Married to marijuana , addicted to cigarettes

-Bitch I'm the shit

Business calls but you won't understand , you aint never been the man
-Odd era

-crew madness , I swear they kill like they take steriods..
Photocred : @Ā„ankovic

-i need a better way to seperate myself now
-we need a better way to slay , but how?

try to elevate
On those good times my nigga
We need to meditate

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