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Philosopher's Stone Poetry  A poetry nonprofit established in Los Angeles. Buy our 3rd book of Poetry & Prose! Click for more info! Facebook: pspoets twitter: @pspoetsLA


Sometimes can be heartbreaking. But let's start the new year off without any uncertainty! We are now accepting sign ups for our New Year poetry reading on January 3rd at 9pm at @gravlax.la . We will also be featuring two writers from @vegetarianalcoholicpress ! It's an honor for us to host them, and we hope more writers from LA will join us! If you're interested in reading at our next event, send us a DM or email and we will get you hooked up! Thank you to @theotherstories for the post, too! #newyear #holidays #poetry

John Muir knows what's up. And so does @iwtbm for posting it. Have a great Friday everyone. #dream #create #inspire

Never stop. Thank you @chama_poetry for the post! #strong #dreams #hope

My happy place. Thank you @mgoogm for the awesome post. #goodmorning #happy #coffee

Money isn't everything. Instead, we should fuel ourselves with passion and love. Thank you @upadhyay.shikhar for sharing! #paris #love #passion

Let it go and watch it float. Thank you to @coraltaylorw_ for the post! #dream #dreams #fly

This can either be a prison or an escape. It depends on what you do with it. I choose to write. #escape #work #hustle

An awesome sketch from @countingonnostalgia of one of our poetry readings! Love the detail and pops of color. Have a great morning everyone. #artist #draw #sketch

Sadly, sometimes we have to break away from our past to fully accept the future. Thank you to @al_mondo for the reminder. #past #future #change

Some wounds never heal. Thank you to @mooonpoetry for the post. #heart #pain #monday

Having hard time falling asleep; this poem almost knocked me out though. Thank you @balsamwadair for sharing! #sleepy #power #latenight

Thank you to everyone who came by and supported us! We hope you all have a great Xmas!

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