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Random Tuesday Beach day...with school starting next week for the #fiestatrio figured we hit the beach for the afternoon. Me and my lady Putting in work from our phones. 🏖Sometimes it's good to be the #boss #bosslady #shieldscontracting #thrive

Yesterday's #beforeandafter a little plant layout at 6am turned into a full blown front yard renovation #landscape is therapy for me cause I don't do It often but it's so cool to say go for it and sweat your butt off till the job gets done!! I had a picture of what I wanted in my head and I can honestly say A little river rock and some colorful DG and the queen @kashields02 has a front yard she can be proud of again!! Now back to work on #margarita 😂😂 #America #olglory

North Carolina Golf with this #dime and her awesome dad!!! #gripitandripit #four

#fiestatrio these girls are so awesome❤️❤️❤️ bummed they are growing up so fast but #blessed to be able to be a big part of their life. NC thunder storms. #nofilter

#tbt I've been blessed beyond words to be able to reflect on The past few months with #shieldscontracting being so busy. Working side by side with my Brother, Dean and @bcfriddle to finish the new #whichwich in Temecula, and the #nuthingbundtcakes in La Verne has been a dream come true. Even with those we were able to fit in a small Bathroom remodel, huge driveway excavation/concrete pour, and a custom hand made cedar barn door for some great repeat customers. #Margarita is in good hands with @dgiannini finishing up fabrication and tig welding of the upper control arms and steering mounts on the spindles. With the help of @mila_performance we were able to get over 2" of more steering. Charlie @powersteeringsolution is reworking my steering box for the new steering stops!! Stoked to have guys like these to work with 👍👍 Now off to North Carolina to see @kashields02 and my #fiestatrio and spend some quality time with the outlaws....I mean in laws 😂😂 #missmypeeps #nevergiveuponyourdreams

All I can say is Thank You.... @kashields02 and @roksrgn first of all and my family and second...
To all the people that have helped us along the way and all the people helping and who contribute to this ride currently......❤️❤️Thank you!! She's a healthy baby girl and she is alive again. The finish line is so close its ridiculous!!! #shewillnotbnice #nevergiveuponyourdreams #blessed

My #missthischickmonday. This lady has my back every day and has never let me give up on my dreams!! 😍😍 #rideordiechick

Plumbed, wired new filters and ready for 40 gal of fluids tomorrow. Install headers tomorrow afternoon and test fire ol #margarita 😛😛 can't wait to hear her scream at me!!!🔥🔥 stoked to be this far with all the work going on with #shieldscontracting 💪💪

I'll give this a shot. Alright insta Peeps!!! Anyone heading North from Temecula area possibly heading to the night race that would be willing to drop these fine pieces of steering to Charley at power steering solutions. His shop is in Victorville CA. Thanks all!!

Missing my fam a lot with these types of sunsets I usually grab the girls from the house to check out.. Still killing it in the Garage on #margarita she's coming out way better than ever!!🤙🤙 New steering thanks to @mila_performance coming over and spending his Saturday with me getting the steering mounts located on the uprights. Can't wait to get this Ol Girl out there to race again.. with new steering and front end, 85 gal fuel cell, new engine, fresh trans with 4500 stall and new gear set it's going to be a hoot to launch this lady with over 600 lb ft of torque thanks to @danzioperformance. #nevergiveuponyourdreams #blessed #lovemyfamily Thanks to....
@kashields02 @roksrgn @mila_performance @mrsmila2011 @dgiannini @cmfo_racing @ndev24 @fusionoffroad @odrmse @powersteeringsolution @prerandan @hb_sdr1455 @davidmartin249 for all the physical and mental support to get thru this crazy nonsense😱😱😱

Went Out on a day date yesterday with my #dime @kashields02. Spent the afternoon cruising the coastline enjoying our beaches, amazing foods and just taking roads less traveled by us on a normal basis. Such cool stuff to see if your able to slow down for a moment. It's hard to do this with the craziness of life but it is defiantly something I could do again!! Love u babe❤️❤️

The #fiestatrio is going to be stoked when they get up this morning to these fresh-e-fresh treats. Love bringing my girls home a surprise even if it's just Doughnuts 🍩 Home safe from the #sierra250 #moreracing race. Had a ton of fun sitting in the Rt seat with Dez @nexgenoffroad truck handles really good and has some go!!! Went from 3rd or 4th to 1st in the first 18 miles. Super dusty conditions but we just closed our 👀 and 🤞🤞And we were able to get some clean safe passes. 😎😎Stoked for the opportunity to push that hard in dust Dez is a great driver. I was a little 😳 but I kept my head down and stayed on the GPS!!! I hope everyone had a safe race!! #nevergiveuponyourdreams #alwayslearning #blessed

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