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Mamas 🚗 #audiA5 took the garage so you know what this means!!! #Margarita is loaded ready to go in the AM. Heading out to Lucern to play with @1422race , JB with his new toy and maybe some cool new people that want rides!! 👍👍

I sure needed this little mob session in my Neighborhood 😂😂 sorry neighbors🤘🤘I just need to make my own #iPhone mount!! Oh well 🤷‍♂️🤠🏁#takewhatyoucanget #humpdayshenanigans I hope everyone had an awesome week so far

#sundayfunday putting some finishing touches on the new #builtnotbought gates at Casa. They turned out pretty nice 👍if air do say so myself. Pretty stoked the Girls and I can walk across the cul-de-sac and they can be playing in the beautiful neighborhood park! #shieldscontracting #woodworking #ironwork

I love being able to spend time watching JJ practice. Her dedication to Gymnastics 🤸‍♂️ and Acro is so impressive. She practices at the Gym at a minimum 6.5hrs a week plus a competition almost every other week!! It's no surprise she has qualified for Nationals in Tampa FLA already!! Love you @katflipz I couldn't be more proud of you❤️❤️ Good luck tomorrow in Victorville 🤘🤘follow her to give her some words of encouragement

Super stoked on the new sound!! Not as nasty sounding as prior but still sounds great with my new @magnaflow mufflers!! Time to install some flappers!!! 🤘🤘🏁🏁

#Margarita throwing out some #fulldroopfriday a small list of final touches fixing stuff and adjusting clearances on some items to get her ready for playing in the desert tomorrow 👍🤘

My life is only as great as it is because of my God and my Wife. My God blessed me with This beautiful lady almost 19 yrs ago and @kashields02 has helped me thru some stuff that would end other relationships. Love this lady❤️❤️❤️ our lunch dates are the highlight of my weeks!! 🔥🔥

New ride height, All clean, new mounts, fresh rattle can lookin fancy. Next to figure out a body color and hopefully a fiberglass sponsor. So many awesome people and companies are involved in making #margarita what she is today. Thank you for the consistent help from the working people who are the backbone of these companies and the friends who have helped this happen. Some of the quality companies involved are @bajadesignsofficial @powersteeringsolution @danzioperformance @cbrperformanceproducts @crbfab @evan_weller_racing @kingshocks @dgiannini @mckenzies_proam_offroad @brownandmiller @richardsperformancemuffler @goofballracer @culhaneracingetransmission @bfgoodrichtires @kmcwheels @kdm_shock_technologies @drivelines_inc @axisrodends @mila_performance @kalikustomsinc @nexgenoffroad @kartek_off_road @offroadwarehouse @prpseats @leadnavsystems @lowrancefishing @safecraft @pciraceradios @next_level_motorsports @hmracingdesign @camburgracing @fiberwerx @wilwooddiscbrakes @liferacingltd @roksrgn @kashields02 @sdr_racing thank you for all your help and support!!! Time to get her dirty again. Test,test,test...repeat 😁😁

Stopped at the desert overlook on the 8 freeway today on my way back from Court this morning. While there I ran into this guy named Coyote he's lived out here for 19 years and he Salvage's wrecked alien spacecraft. We all oh this guy a debt of gratitude for his efforts to clean up the deserts from all this alien wreckage for us!!!! #benice #enjoyothers #slowdown #thisguyisawesome

When a buddy calls you at 12:30 at night and says he doesn't have a copilot for tomorrow's race what do you do? Well you check with your wife make sure it's all good and then pack your stuff and head to Ridgecrest

Hey Instaslammers Go to my Story and vote!!! #scoreinternational #sanfelipe250 #snoreracing #bitd #moreracing

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter with loved ones.❤️ #hehasrisen

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