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Time to go play in the sandbox with my Family and Friends #glamis #g-town #thanksgiving2017 🇺🇸🏁💪

Weekend full of randomness 😂😂made some new panels for #margarita thanks to @nexgenoffroad for the use of the beadroller. Working on closing up some gaps in the cab. Helped my amazing wife @kashields02 build her #plinkoboard for her job @le_velofficial #thrive and blasted out a new cylinder, piston topend on my daughter @kittycat._.jordan LT80 for our thanksgiving trip to #Glamis #nevergiveuponyourdreams #norestforthedriven #boom

Stoked to get to spend some quality time with my princess this evening!! Decided to check out the new #baskinrobbins that just opened across the street #katelyn #desertbeforedinner 🤘

Let the fun begin #shieldscontracting #myracetruck

#Alabama #america #veteransday thank you to all the Veterans from Me and my family ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

Had an amazing time today in Barstow playing in #Margarita. Had a blast hanging out with @1422race and my best friend @glamisclan just jacking around burning thru some race gas ⛽️ 🏁🇺🇸 This @danzioperformance engine that @fastlimey @jpalomino_82 built me is amazing. Hit 109 on a small strait and 85+ in the big holes on the south side of main. Almost lost it for a second with @1422race but got straitened out and kept on cookin'. Thanks for coming out guys!!! 🤙🤙and taking some video🕺

#Margarita likes it out here!! So much fun can be had in just 15 minutes 🤘🤘

#humpday = playday thanks babe for the constant support @kashields02 ❤️ that your my person!! Happy birthday to my 9 year old Peyton. Super stoked I was able to take the girls to school today!!! #barstow testing!!

Seriously 3.59$ for diesel😒. Thanks California. #moving

Pretty stoked on my Garage Fab side panels turned out!! 🤘They are riveted on for now to see how the body lines matched up. Now to finish them with some sanding, cleaning up the edges and figure out how to make them easily removeable. #toomuchfun #builtnotbought #alldressedupnowheretogo #nevergiveuponyourdreams

Throwback to 2001 #tbt my first ranger with my #wce @kashields02 and I hucking this 2.9 #raingutterranger with paddles at #glamis. 😂🤘🤙 built this Monkey on my dads sideyard with my friends.

Anyone ever think they need more light in the garage when the Garage door is open!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️pressure switch some fancy wiring and a little spare time 🤘now that it works as planned time to get 3 more lights #led 👍

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