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Two Wheels. Turns out maybe I can't work on two projects at once LOL. Haven't started the other one yet. Will try again this week. Happy with this old fashioned bicycle so far. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

Project No. 2 and 3. I'm planning to work on two projects at the same time. The top one will be something I've drawn. Deciding between a camera and a bike. The cloth underneath may be a pillow cover or framed. Not sure yet. But will doodle flowers I think. I liked the rough edge so I decided to incorporate it by stitching along it with a simple running Stitch. I've also decided to only post once a week. Thanks for putting up with the daily posts of the black and white Project Number 1. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

Stalling. A few more French Knots. Hoping to get to the store tomorrow so I can start my next hoop. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

Loose French Knots. Still stalling until I can get to a store this weekend to buy supplies for my next project. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

I Can't Stop. I need to buy more material and more thread, but I don't want to skip a day ... so I'm just fiddling around adding small stitches here and there until I can get to a store this weekend LOL!! #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

Bullion Knot. Tonight as I looked at my work so far I realized I couldn't be finished this piece until I conquered the bullion knot. Will balance it out tomorrow hopefully with a better rosebud on the other side and then reassess. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches #bullion #bullionknots #bullionknot

Comfort Food. Spent my Sunday afternoon cooking. Saw a snickerdoodle recipe this weekend, and it made me miss my girl @eelisabethphoto - so I just had to make them. And some chocolate chip cookies too. The popovers I tried for the first time were a flop, but my mom's tried and true chili recipe came through again. #comfortfood #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #snickerdoodle #snickerdoodle #chocolatechips #chocolatechipcookie

Am I Done? Debating whether this piece is finished. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

The Same But Different. Watched Moonlight tonight while I stitched. Getting caught up on the Oscar nominated movies. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches

Closed Circle. Decided to create an outer edge to the flower on the bottom. #1yearofstitches #pshawstitches #splitstitch

Coming Together. Still can't decide whether or not to leave gaps in the circle or not, but I think I have decided to finish this by the end of March and move on to Stitch something else. #pshawstitches #1yearofstitches

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