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  wasting money for cute jpegs 🦄

thinking of changing talia's skin to the lighter colour to contrast better with her hair ~
what do you think? n_n

i'm tired of working for today, and i still have 4h to go D:

i'm trying to make a girl i like but at the same time i'm afraid i'd be copying someone's without realizing since i've been seeing those kind of posts lately of angry people who dislike seeing their girls copied by others x.x

i can't wait to start playing en again~
let me know if i can add you n_n

i'm finally playing dgf again, i missed it~
here's a rec by Rez n_n

wasn't expecting anything so i'm quite happy!

i wish i could take vacations this year but i can't 😩

i'm just so happy i got her! ~
thinking of maybe farming a bit to try and get arisa 🍀

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