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  safe place.

no tree,
it is said,
can grow to heaven unless;
its roots reach down to hell
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habibi. I tag @mustihaft
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when the nights are clear
the clouds are the darkest
when it rains heavily
the warmest time shows
when the wind is blowing
you are flying
so when you‘re crying
the sky is glowing.

happy birthday, park jimin.
i love you from the bottom of my heart and from behind of my eyes.
you are the one helping me through my rough times, until i can see the bright shiny stars on the dark blue blanket of the sky.
thank you. 💜💜

my babies 🍇
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highly inspired by diorcse
dt to all my followers 💫
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taehyung + my favorite russian song = 😖

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NO hate to chanyeol 🍎

i‘m back with this crap, also thanks dir everyone who stayed here <3

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Happy birthday to the one and only Jeon Jungkook who doesn‘t even know I exist, however that won‘t stop me to take care of him and protect him, because he is the one that can cheer me up when I‘m sad and can put a smile on my face even when tears are running down my cheeks.
He never failed to be the sweet and genuine person with a huge heart that can fit the whole army and bangtan in it.
I love this (very fast growing up) man with my heart and with every part of my body, and even when I can‘t tell him face to face what he means to me, I want him to know he is supported by everyone in this fandom and he deserves happiness and kindness to the fullest.
We love you, Angel. 🥂💜

i just am in love with hoseok‘s selcas. and him. and bts. 💕
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now i don‘t know what this is either, sorry.
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> btw i cancelled by project because nothing wanted to work sksks ✈️

do you ever just scream for help and feel like nobody is listening?
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quand tu mens 🤧

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