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☾ rain  baby you’re a firework come on, let your colors burst 🦋

taehyung + my favorite russian song = 😖

ac madisvids
cc vs
dt @bangtanbabiesz @multi.babcs

NO hate to chanyeol 🍎

i‘m back with this crap, also thanks dir everyone who stayed here <3

ac drizzyaudios
cc me I sc youtube
dt @jungwaffle @n.bxy @shawsreyes

Happy birthday to the one and only Jeon Jungkook who doesn‘t even know I exist, however that won‘t stop me to take care of him and protect him, because he is the one that can cheer me up when I‘m sad and can put a smile on my face even when tears are running down my cheeks.
He never failed to be the sweet and genuine person with a huge heart that can fit the whole army and bangtan in it.
I love this (very fast growing up) man with my heart and with every part of my body, and even when I can‘t tell him face to face what he means to me, I want him to know he is supported by everyone in this fandom and he deserves happiness and kindness to the fullest.
We love you, Angel. 🥂💜

i just am in love with hoseok‘s selcas. and him. and bts. 💕
ac; gotta check
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now i don‘t know what this is either, sorry.
ac; i don‘t remember
cc; me
dt; @bangtanbabiesz @jungwaffle @jejujjk @shawsreyes 💕
> btw i cancelled by project because nothing wanted to work sksks ✈️

do you ever just scream for help and feel like nobody is listening?
ac. wysticful
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quand tu mens 🤧

ac I me
cc I me
cc I me
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oc I yt

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🔥 my baby -
ac/ib wysticful
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oc yt
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yoongi with blue hair is a fetish 🔥
ac wait
cc me
ib nobody actually
dt @shawsreyes <3
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• the hottest line 💌 -
→ ac drizzyaudios
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→ ib a better edit on yt
→ dt @softrose.mp4 -
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