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PRUNEE Lapis Surabaya  'Celebrate every moment with Indonesian Classic Cake' Jakarta - Indonesia For Orders: πŸ“±+6285787878780 (Text/Whatsapp) Admin: Mon-Sat, 9AM-5PM

Let's start this day with a too-many-pleasure in one picture. Keep positive and spread happiness, share Prunee cake πŸ’•

I've tried many things to let the boredom off of my day, and so far cake is the best one! Prunee with Chocoblast ganache topping 🍫🍫 We are open for tomorrow delivery. Whatsapp 0857 87878780

A perfect gift for your relatives, or your loved one. Prunee cake will symbolize how happy you are at the special moment πŸ’•

We are still open for today's delivery. Whatsapp 0857 87878780

Sharing is caring. But sharing a Prunee cake, especially this Vanilla Buttercake with Cream Cheese, it's beyond caring! Go get one because this is our promo price for April 😊

We all must have heard about "everything that is over-portion is not good". Therefore this Mix-Chocoberry is so good because the berries and chocolate are complementing each other ❀️

Seeing the smile of the people that matters the most is one simple happiness. Create your own happiness, share Prunee cake πŸ’–

More orders: Whatsapp 0857 87878780

Vanilla meets cream cheese in such a proper way. They've planned to steal your attention and addiction. So delightful! And just so you know, this cake is only available in April πŸ˜„

Vanilla in lighter texture plus cheese in more yummy version, will steal the spotlight of your dining room! This cake only available in this April so don't miss it! πŸ˜‰

It's okay to be picky while choosing the best dessert for you. The true champion deserves the best trophy, right? This is the trophy for your April story! πŸ’•

More orders: Whatsapp 0857 87878780

When you feel down, remember that you are as good as what you think you are. And remember: dessert helps 😊

For your information, our Vanilla Buttercake with Cream Cheese will only be sold in this April, Pals. So go get one while it lasts!
We are still open for tomorrow delivery. Whatsapp 0857 87878780

Prunee cake is made from the high quality ingredients. Our satisfaction comes from those satisfied customers, and your feedback helps us to get better πŸ™πŸ˜Š For tomorrow delivery: Whatsapp 0857 87878780

The birds are whistling because they adore your superb. Be confidence and nice, just like the vibes of Prunee cake ✨

More orders: Whatsapp 0857 87878780

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