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Kyrie 5 “Taco” PE... got an 11.5 up for grabs if you’re interested just shoot me a message! #kyrie5 #kicksoftheday #soldout

Come on November 22! The 4 had a GREAT run now for the 5! Can’t wait for these!

When your daughter loves the music from The Greatest Showman, you use her piano to learn her favorite part lol

When a friend points out a strange coincidence to your new tattoo. Funny story is years ago I wanted a Blue Lantern tattoo with Hal Jordan. Well I got this for my daughter and a friend pointed out the strange parallel that the second Blue Lantern was an elephant named Brother Warth. Blue Lantern’s power is Hope which when read with my old tattoo, this is a blue elephant with Hope.... hmmm strange coincidence world. I promise this was not my intentions at all but pretty cool he pointed it out!

Loving my new piece!! Thank you @sona_art for this! #fathersday #birthday

If anyone wants to hook your boy up?!?!

“I came in like a wrecking ball”

A lot has changed in the 3 years since you passed away. I’m a thesis away from finishing my Master’s degree, we moved back home to Tennessee, and we have a beautiful little girl. It makes me sad she won’t get to play basketball with you in the driveway like I got to and pick up your competitive spirit. But I’m sure somehow some way little pieces of you will shine through at times. Love you and miss you mom!

This is one sleepy girl. She is traveling so well. Definitely proud of her!

When little ones ask you to watch Moana with them and they leave.... naturally you keep watching lol

Rookie move by the kid lol

They don’t know what’s coming lol

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