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Prue Reid  Canon 70D w 400mm lens, Olympus PEN E-P5, some GalaxyS5mini. Aussie living in NYC. Birdwatching, travel, Broadway.

I had one target bird today and, happily, I got it! Cloudy, awful weather for photos but at least I could stand high enough to get him. #BlackburnianWarbler #birdwatching #your_best_birds #centralparkbirds #centralpark #ig_discover_birdslife #warbler #lifebird

We had a good start to the Birding Bonanza yesterday when this Cedar Waxwing landed next to the group before we even left the gathering point! So nice to meet new friends and learn some new stuff, it was a great day on the island. *Full gallery now at pruereid. com*

Anyone want to learn about birdwatching, with binoculars provided? Come with me to the Birding Bonanza on Sat morning, Randall's Island. This is a Canada Gosling from about a week ago in the salt marsh there.

A White-Crowned Sparrow that I saw yesterday next to the Pinetum, another migrant, this is only the second one I've seen in 3yrs #birdwatching #your_best_birds #centralparkbirds #centralpark #whitecrownedsparrow #sparrow

Pretty Magnolia Warbler today on the craziest day, big fallout* of migrants, I got two lifers (Bay-Breasted Warbler and Yellow-throated Vireo) #birdwatching #your_best_birds #centralparkbirds #magnoliawarbler #warbler *apparently not a fallout per someone on fb, just peak migration

A Yellow Warbler seen on Thursday, looking very bright and cheerful #birdwatching #your_best_birds #randallsisland #yellowwarbler #warbler

I have been in the US a few years now but I couldn't resist this squirrel, haha

A migrating bird that I'd never seen until yesterday, the Indigo Bunting. I got very lucky as I was looking for the groundhog I'd seen last time, saw the tiniest flash of blue. A bit of patience paid off when he came out from the bushes. Much smaller than I'd thought from photos, about sparrow-sized. I tweeted how maybe seeing the Blue Grosbeak the day before had tuned my eyes to blue 😄 #birdwatching #your_best_birds #indigobunting #randallsisland at the garden behind the far end of the driving range.

I've been trying not to chase birds found by others, but this #BlueGrosbeak was just too easy (still hanging at beehives), and close to my business

Was kinda fun watching this gull play with its food (Striped Bass I believe from the stripes!). Swipe for the extra pics 😊

Yellow-Rumped Warbler caught a little bite of food (Monday)

This was funny because it was not the one I was taking a photo of, but I spotted it in the corner later. Very distant, but pretty. Northern Rough-Winged Swallow.

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