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Counting down the days till freedom

Probably just laughing at one of my own jokes tbh

We lost a bright star on Friday and I’ll be the first to admit it has shattered me. The legacy you have left in your wake is untouchable. You and Col are as much responsible as my own parents for the person I am today and I’ll always think of you and refer to you as my second dad. There aren’t many childhood memories that don’t include you in someway, shape or form. My childhood memories mainly consist of me and Jimi running away as you yelled at us for doing dumbshit; going on the roof to investigate redbacks, riding down the hill on skateboards, riding Joey like a horse or just climbing the rocks at snapper; and just being absolutely terrified because your voice was so goddamn loud. It took me until adulthood for Dad to tell me you weren’t actually that mad, you mainly just laughed at us and in fact you were a bit deaf and you literally couldn’t hear just how loud you were. Which was made even more apparent when it was Friday knock-off drinks and I could hear you all laughing from out the back on the deck whilst I was at the top of the driveway.
It’s hard to think you won’t be there when I visit home. For a cuppa and a chat or working on/fixing something at my house or even to help me change my tyres when I get a flat.
I knew you outside of surfing; we had your movies and we knew you were a freak in the surf; and people will remember you for your achievements and your athleticism and your sheer lack of fear when it came to charging the cyclone swells back home (legit everyone has a story). But I’ll always remember you as the long haired yahoo who would call me the Brain, who took me seriously as an adult, who looked uncannily like my dad, who would cry because you always laughed way too hard (and loud) and could never ask me to pour you a knockoff drink because I never poured enough rum in the glass.
You were never truly of this planet, the ocean perhaps, but you were definitely something else. You will be beyond missed by not only your family and friends, but the whole community at large. Until I see you again, Aloha Wayne and Mahalo. I’ll love you always. And all my love to the Deanes forever and always ❤️✨❤️ @ma_deane @jimi_deane @ilovetables and Shannon

This time last year I was on Hvar enroute to Split... fast forward to this year and I’m enroute to a nervous break down and a cold... time flys hey 🌴🌊 #hvar #croatia #itscominghometocroatia

How good’s study week... #venetiandreams


Just me and my pals going to my wedding. 👰🏼 Some bitch wore the same colour dress as me, how rude.... officially off the market since 2000 so if y’all could stop sliding into my DM’s, that’d be great #bringbackdinnervests

La mar looking forward to the holidays #endlesssummer

🎊🎉 Peking duk flavoured crisps last weekend 🙌🏽👏🏽 🦆 @pekingduk @alexkateturner

Down south, a lot of ups. Never downs

In Athens just waiting for a mate.

From where I’d rather be. 🌞

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