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PRO WARRIORS  The official Instagram account of PRO WARRIORS! 16 peserta menaklukan diri & menjelajahi negeri. Setiap hari Minggu jam 22.00 WIB di NET


Eventhough #TimUngu Simone and Lara struggled last week, the have oficially remain as the only two girls in the competition!

And a great team starts with trust.


Dengan waktu 1 jam 30 menit dan 5 detik, #TimHijau Ihwan & Yudhi berhasil menjadi team tercepat di challenge sebelumnya! Siapa team yang kamu dukung untuk jadi yang tercepat di minggu ini?


Last week, the Warriors had to say good-bye to #TimPink Cupink & Zairah. What will be missed most about them? Comment bellow with #TimPink to show your support!


Ambition is the first step to success.
The second step is action. True Warriors are ambitious and will #NEVERQUIT to achieve their goal.


A warrior is resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks. A warrior does not quit. A warrior knows what they want and they get it.

You are not defeated when you lose.
You are defeated when you quit.

Eventhough Cupink & Zairah from #TimPink have to leave this competition, their journey as warriors will never end!


#WarriorsFact: Andy & Aldo from #TimOrange found their way to Kete Kesu, instead of Londa! This consumed their time, their #NEVERQUIT spirit save them from the elimination this week.

#WarriorsFact: Even though Ricko & Dany from #TimPutih got a 10 minutes setback from the winning team #TimKuning, their ambition got them 2nd place on this week's challenge!


6 Warriors remain on #PROWARRIORS and we are on the look for 5 other strong Warriors who can win Nike running outfit!

Don't forget to visit prowarriors.id while you are watching this week's PRO WARRIORS episode to beat the Match & Run challenge!


Will WARRIORS be able to conquered the mystical Toraja? Saksikan perjuangan mereka, hari Minggu jam 10 malam only on @netmediatama #PROWARRIORS #NEVERQUIT

When you're a threat, you're always a target.
As the winning team, who are #TimKuning's biggest threat?
Stay tune on Sunday, 10 pm only on @netmediatama!

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