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ςϯαɕψ 🌱  It's kind of a long story📝 💘ϖίƒε to the preacher home ⒮⒞⒣⒪⒪⒧⒤⒩⒢ 📚 ʍσʍ❤️(4) Animal collector🐷 ϯεXαη🇨🇱 Lover of simplicity and the occasional Dя.℘ε℘℘εя🥤

Sunday 💞


The leader of the pack. He leads us by example, with love and lots of grace. ♥️

She’s 50% hugs, 50% smiles ♥️ #annaclaire

She’s 50% hair, 50% sass! 💕

The difference in the seasons. 💛🍯 #provisionfarm #beehive #honeycomb

Apollo didn’t make it. Thanks to those of you that were checking on him. Infection had set in and his leg was too bad to keep. We also lost our hound and 3 kittens while away.
Yes we had someone coming to feed and care for animals. No, they couldn’t have done anything to prevent this. It never fails when we leave town it seems our world turns upside down. It doesn’t really though, it’s just evidence that we are not in control and Satan likes to take advantage while our backs are turned.
Please be kind in your remarks because no one is exempt from pain and our little boy is heartbroken.. again.
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My first year to grow such a variety of tomatoes, I like to stick to the Roma’s because they are so meaty and make for good sauce and the little golden gems because they taste like candy. All the others were just for fun, because if they sell them you should buy them right?! Anyways.. don’t ask me what all I’ve got here because my plant markers disappeared and so I’m really not sure. I know I have Cherokee purple, Juliet’s , celebrity, and husky red grape, early girls and some I haven’t harvested from that look completely different from the others so.. there’s no science to my method of planting and harvesting, just enjoying whatever makes it’s way back to the kitchen 🍅

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If you want to breathe you have to come outside before the sun makes his way into full view. Got my first cucumber this morning and I’m pretty sure Ella already called it.
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I had Eric mow down all of my flowers last night. Everything is just so crispy and dry. Of course we left the sunflowers because they can handle the heat. 🌻


Even if we grow food for a living here in the states, we don’t grow food to live. We had the privilege of following google maps and getting lost one day and it happen to be in an agriculture town. Field to field the people were harvesting by hand, loading on a donkey and traveling who knows where to deliver the harvest. The fields were green because they watered by hand, it doesn’t rain there on the coast. They put their lives into it so that they could live. The cattle wasn’t raised on lush grass, it was raised in dirt and given feed from whatever corn they grew in the next lot over. Every time I go I think about how silly we are here for arguing about organic or non organic, heirloom or hybrid. I guarantee if you had to grow to live you wouldn’t get caught up in the process and would just be thankful for another meal on your plate. 🍅


So happy to be home, but as always I brought a piece of Peru back with me. 🌻

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