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Trevor Goforth  Married to @emily.goforth21 Machinist➡️Programmer➡️ Mold Maker🗜. I started a YouTube Channel ⤵️

Did you see the one on the left at first? Haha this wire EDM stuff is too much fun!

Heat treating some future mold inserts, material is H-13.

Well here is our completed laser cutter! We are responsible for the vacuum table setup, also we machined the brackets that the camera and laser are mounted to and many more parts as well. The machine itself was not manufactured by us we just customized it for our specific application. The laser goes through cutting a series of holes then cuts the contour of the disk segment and moves on to the next one. When you put the segments together it makes a very large diameter disk of some kind. Unfortunately I do not know the application of the disks, I’m sorry.

Finally got the mold bases ground to size, now time to make the inserts! I can’t tell you how much I have learned during my first mold build but I can tell you I am having a lot of fun doing it!

Here are the post that will hold the parts for our delta robot to pick up. Material is 303 stainless. I like to stack my parts neatly and my co workers like to come by and mess them up. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the young buck in the shop. Lol

We’re coming up on one year of marriage and I couldn’t be happier! I love you @emily.goforth21

Version 2 of our delta robot is complete! We changed our design to allow the robot to move faster! Only parts that are missing are the post that will hold our hub disk assembly that the robot will be picking up.

Well here is our prototype pick and place delta robot. I machined about 50 percent of the parts. It is missing a few components however, there is a piece that bolts to the table that will hold the parts. It is also slowed way down, it will be going much faster when it’s finished.

Here is the the top piece to the delta robot we are building. I can’t wait until it is done! Material is 6061 aluminum.

Nice day for a ride! I Explored the Bradley truck trail area in Cathlamet, WA today not a bad riding spot for being 30 minutes from home!

I needed to practice on the wire edm so I figured I would make my wife @emily.goforth21 a name tag for her desk!

I finished up my magnetic base today, I made it specifically for the wire EDM because it is very small and easy to use. The swivel assembly is made of some spare air fittings, the post is made of a piece of ground 3/16 remnant from the production screw machine department. The thumb wheel was knurled and turned on a manual lathe. The post clamp and indicator clamp were practice wire EDM parts, I learned a lot from making them! The base has magnets pressed into the bottom and the side allowing for side mounting as well. I tried to get the nut unscrewed in the video but I couldn’t haha sorry! Also, it just occurred to me I didn’t take a picture with the indicator mounted up. I guess you will just have to take my word for it that it works! 😆

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