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Trevor Goforth  Married to @emily.goforth21 Machinist/Programmer/ 25 years old

Well here is our prototype pick and place delta robot. I machined about 50 percent of the parts. It is missing a few components however, there is a piece that bolts to the table that will hold the parts. It is also slowed way down, it will be going much faster when it’s finished.

Here is the the top piece to the delta robot we are building. I can’t wait until it is done! Material is 6061 aluminum.

Nice day for a ride! I Explored the Bradley truck trail area in Cathlamet, WA today not a bad riding spot for being 30 minutes from home!

I needed to practice on the wire edm so I figured I would make my wife @emily.goforth21 a name tag for her desk!

I finished up my magnetic base today, I made it specifically for the wire EDM because it is very small and easy to use. The swivel assembly is made of some spare air fittings, the post is made of a piece of ground 3/16 remnant from the production screw machine department. The thumb wheel was knurled and turned on a manual lathe. The post clamp and indicator clamp were practice wire EDM parts, I learned a lot from making them! The base has magnets pressed into the bottom and the side allowing for side mounting as well. I tried to get the nut unscrewed in the video but I couldn’t haha sorry! Also, it just occurred to me I didn’t take a picture with the indicator mounted up. I guess you will just have to take my word for it that it works! 😆

Playing with the new Mitsubishi EDM making puzzle pieces.

I am almost finished with my front yard project! I removed almost everything from the previous front yard. I planted the grass seed in the fall and I just put fertilizer on it today so hopefully it will get a little more green. All I have left to do is plant a few more plants and I’m done!

I am currently working on some match ground sets of 1/2 scale 123 blocks for the guys in the shop. Here is a video of me checking my .500 dimension, first I checked my zero with a .500 gage block then I checked each block in the set of four. Each block will have a series of 10-32 tapped holes and clearance holes for 10-32 bolts. Material is 55HRC D2. I am happy with the result, I would have used a .0001 indicator but ours was being cleaned today.

Did my first mold modification today, the part was sticking to the “A” side of the mold and distorting some post on the part. So instead of adding more draft to the detail we wired out a slot in the insert and wired a “spring loaded core” to go inside of it to hopefully push the part off of the A side then the B side can eject the part once the mold opens all the way. So far I am loving mold making!

I found out today that I will soon be venturing down the wire edm path, I found this picture online while doing some basic research and I thought it looked pretty cool! Are there any wire edm guys out there that want to share any advice or tips and tricks? It will be mostly mold work that I will be doing, Thanks!

Custom shoulder bolts, .0003 tenths tolerance on the shoulder diameter with a 4mm x.75 thread, material is D2.

Here’s a part my dad just finished up, he killed it as usual! Tumbled finish and a jolly rancher for size reference, and yes, I ate it afterwards 😂

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