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Trevor Goforth  @emily.ohh21 Machinist/Programmer 24 years old

I was practically begging the engineer to let me make this out of aluminum. It sucks when you grab a print and see a cool part then you look down and it’s made out of ABS plastic haha it was still a lot of fun to make though! However it is very difficult to photograph. Lol

We’re running a small 20 piece production run for these prototype hubs. Left side was done in the lathe, right side was done in the mill. Material is 420 SS.

This one was a little tricky, it’s kind of tough to see in the picture but there is a slot that goes through the part and also through the end of the part which made clamping the part in the vise a little difficult. The tolerance on the width of the slot was +.001/-.000 needless to say I had to rough machine the slot first then allow it to spring open or collapse shut. Then I squared the outside of the part up again and continued from there.. the part is 11.5 inches long so holding the tolerance on the width of the slot over roughly 9 inches was not fun..

This part was a lot of fun! 4 setups total, material is 6061 Aluminum.

Short production run of 15 parts, as much as I hate to use the tumbler it is nice sometimes. These parts were tumbled briefly after each operation to help cut down on deburr time.

Well it’s been a while since I have been able to post work stuff but I have that privilege again and I’m looking forward to sharing my work with everyone again! These are some shafts I cnc turned in one op using a tailstock for support. I did have to clean up the backside of course.

The wedding was a success, im a very happy man! I love you Emily Goforth!

Well this is the first time I've posted anything golf related, I'm really starting to enjoy it but I've only been playing for like 3 summers so go easy on me lol! New iron set tomorrow!

Went to my first Texas Rangers game last night at Globe life Park! They got the W and we had an awesome time!

They wanted to make a separate mounting bracket for these hose adapters and weld them on but instead we decided to make a couple out of billet 6061. 4 ops on each part using both a mill and a lathe, glass bead finish before anodize!

Well I made a 3/8-40 fine adjust screw today for one of our bar prep machines. I turned it on our Hyundai E160A, the backside is also engraved with a dial. Material is D2

Well my dad finished off the fixturing for our horizontal. The round spuds with the slots were machined by me and will hold the bearing housing by the inside diameter. The plate up top is flipped over to show the counterbores in the backside that the spuds sit in. The small dowel hole is for orientation purposes. My dad machined all 3 plates, they turned out very nice!

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