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Andréa's Protein Cakery® 🍪  🍪Protein Cookie Mix 🍰Protein Cake Mix 🎂Sugar-Free Frosting Mix 🌱all-natural 🍞gluten-free 🇺🇸20% off U.S. Military ⬇️ Build a bundle and save 💰! ⬇️


Almond cookies! 😍 The first is an almond sugar cookie (with erythritol, not sugar!) made from our sugar cookie mix prepared with almond butter, and the second (swipe) is a vegan cookie from the blog made with fresh vanilla bean seeds 😋
If you like almond butter, try these! BUT note: protein enriched nut butters do not bake the same as regular nut butters. The extra protein will change the texture of your bake. #themoreyouknow So opt for regular nut butters unless the recipe calls for the protein kind. 💪🏼

Yes. That's the plan. 🍰🎂🍰 #lifeisshort #eatcakeeveryday

🍩Chocolate Covered Mini Protein Donuts🍩 Prot: 3g, Carbs: 4g, Fat: 4g, Cal: 53 per mini-donut 😍
🍰 Cake donut:
One package @proteincakery Protein Cake Mix - Vanilla (68g) - gives the softest texture to the donut!
One 90g pouch unsweetened applesauce (or 6 tablespoons)
2 tablespoons water
🍫 Chocolate coating:
50g unsweetened chocolate
1 tablespoon coconut oil (14g)
1 teaspoon confectioners erythritol (5g)
a sprinkle of stevia powder
👉🏼More info in the shop under 'Recipe Ideas' - link in bio @proteincakery

🍋Lemon Love🍋 Sweet lemon cake with a sweet/tart lemon frosting 💛 Natural sprinkles for some sparkle ✨Protein cake and sugar-free frosting 💪🏼
🍋Cake needs just applesauce and water #easy #eggfree 💛Frosting needs milk and palm shortening (or skip the shortening for a sweet #lowcal icing to drizzle!) #sugarfree
👉🏼link in bio @proteincakery for the Lemon Lovers' Bundle or to find your favorite flavors 😋
#glutenfree #soyfree #eggfree #allnatural

I tried making frosted peanut butter donuts, but the cake stuck to the donut pan. So, cake bowl! #stilldelicious 💪🏼
✨Peanut Butter Protein Cake Mix
🌟Peanut Butter Sugar-Free Frosting Mix
✨Gold and White Star Party Natural Sprinkles
all are in our Peanut Butter Lovers' Bundle (link in bio @proteincakery )

Did you know... we have a secret product in our shop? In case you thought our Whey Protein For Baking disappeared, it hasn't. It's still in the shop (and you can find it by search), but I haven't had the chance to update the packaging to match the new ones, so it's kinda hiding out. On the package I put a few recipes, including this one for 🍌Banana Bread 🍌. I took a family favorite recipe and swapped out some ingredients, and you won't believe the results! 😍 It still has (coconut) sugar, so it's not super low carb, but it'll fool the picky eaters, for sure. There's also a delicious cheesecake recipe on the package, another updated family recipe. 😋
👉🏼link in bio @proteincakery, and search "whey protein" to find it. Try not to cringe at the packaging, k? I'll update it soon!
#soyfree #wheyprotein #proteinbaking #glutenfree

🌟Bundle News🌟I did some number crunching and was able to drop the price of these bundles by a buck, AND you can now create your own bundle pack! Any 3 cake or cookie mixes + 2 frosting mixes + 1 sprinkles for $28.99 💪🏼
👉🏼link in bio @proteincakery to check it out

Loving the mild weather here in NYC, but not quite ready to give up the gingerbread cake. 😋 We're running low on this flavor, and deciding if we should keep it in stock or let it be seasonal. 🎄 (Might be a good time to grab some if it's your favorite!) 👉🏼 link in bio @proteincakery

❤️Raspberry Protein Cheesecake Mousse❤️ Prot: 6g, Carbs: 6g (3g fiber, 3g sugar), Fat: 6g, Cal: 105 per serving 💪🏼
1 package Neufchâtel cheese (lowfat cream cheese) (8oz or 224g)
4 oz fat-free Greek yogurt (1/2 cup or 114g)
¼ cup @proteincakery Whey Protein For Baking (20g) (or other whey protein)
2½ cups raspberries, mashed (280g)
sprinkle of stevia powder
8️⃣Makes 8 (small) servings.
👉🏼Full recipe details on the blog at www.proteincakery.com, search 'raspberry cheesecake'
So delicious!

🍫🍓 Chocolate Strawberry Cake Bites 😍 Easy to make with our 🍫Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cake Mix + 🍓Strawberry Sugar-Free Frosting Mix. 🌱Gluten-free and nothing artificial 💕
Instructions and mixes 👉🏼 link in bio @proteincakery
And yes, that's me, Andréa. Hi! 😁

🥜🍰Peanut Butter Protein Cake with Peanut Butter Swirl 😍
Cake mix is made with just applesauce and water. #eggfree Mix a tablespoon of pb into the batter, or swirl it once the batter is in the pan. So yummy! 😋
👉🏼Link in bio @proteincakery for the cake mix and bake pan
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#instayum #mealprep #bodybuilding #gains #cakeforbreakfast #proteincakery

💕 When you try to frost it all pretty and you totally fail, toss on some sprinkles and dig your fork in. It tastes delicious anyway! 🤷🏻‍♀️
🍋 Lemon Protein Cake
🍓 Strawberry Sugar-Free Frosting
💕 Valentine's sprinkles
🌱 Nothing artificial
👉🏼 link in bio @proteincakery to make a mess like this for yourself 😋

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