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Andréa's Protein Cakery® 🍪  🍪Protein Cookie Mix 🍰Protein Cake Mix 🎂Sugar-Free Frosting Mix 🌱all-natural 🍞gluten-free 🇺🇸20% off U.S. Military ⬇️🍰Shop mixes & natural sprinkles 🍰⬇️

Pudding for frosting 😍Double chocolate chip protein cake topped with all-natural sugar-free chocolate pudding (made w avocado!) 💪🏼
➡Details in the Recipe Ideas section of the shop, link in bio @proteincakery

🍋Lemon Protein Pancakes🍋 as easy as can be with our lemon protein cake mix. 🥞Mix + applesauce + water (same as for cake) and cook 'em up on a griddle. Top with sugar-free lemon whipped cream for an extra treat! 💪🏼
➡️Details in the Recipe Ideas section of the shop (link in bio @proteincakery) or link in stories right now. Happy Sunday!

🍰Have you ever made protein cheesecake? This recipe is one I created by taking a family cheesecake recipe and subbing out some ingredients. If you make it with agave as below, it's good enough to fool the non-healthy eaters. If you want to lower the carbs, you can also just use stevia instead. (Lower the bake time in that case, since you'll have less liquid.)
Ingredients are below, and the full recipe is on the blog at, search "aunt chubby" because yes, it was my great aunt's recipe and she was referred to as Chubby in the family. There were so many Marys in the family, she was called Chubby Mary, and then just Chubby. (Ya just can't make this stuff up!)
Makes one 6-inch cheesecake (6 servings).
Prot: 19g, Carbs: 19g, Fat: 19g, Cal: 324
Ingredients (should be at room temp):
2 (8oz) packages Neufchâtel cheese (low-fat cream cheese) (448g)
⅓ cup agave nectar (112g)
4 large eggs, whole (200g)
1 cup (8oz) fat-free Greek yogurt (227g)
1 teaspoon alcohol-free vanilla extract
½ cup natural vanilla whey protein powder (45g)
➡Details at (*not* link in bio, bookmark it!), search "aunt chubby" or just "cheesecake" for all of our cheesecake recipes. Link also in stories right now. Enjoy!

Want a bite? 😍 I still get excited to eat frosted cake every day. And oh, have I mentioned that I've lost 20 lbs this year so far? Sounds like a lot on my small frame (I'm 5'3"), which makes me feel a little bad about having gained it in the first place, but hey, life happens. I like to work, and I was forgetting to take care of myself. But lifting heavy and watching macros did the trick, and I've been eating cake and cookies every day. 💪🏼 #lifeisgood #eatthecake If I can help you figure out how to get protein treats into your food plan, feel free to reach out. Besides the mixes we have hundreds of protein recipes on our blog. I hate the thought of anyone struggling with fitness goals and not enjoying the process. Life is too short not to eat the cake! 🍰

Great flavor combo right here by @pintsizedfoodie28 😍
repost @pintsizedfoodie28 --
Peanut Butter Protein Cupcakes with Sugar-Free Marshmallow Frosting YUM! Thanks to @proteincakery for the mixes, delicious! #proteincupcakes #peanutbutterandfluff #marshmallow #sugarfree #peanutbutter #healthycupcakes #toogoodtobetrue

No need to miss out on all the cupcake feels if you're keeping it low carb. Our frosting mixes have just 1g net carbs per serving (~2 tbsp prepared frosting) and they swirl up perfectly with no added sugar, and nothing artificial 💪🏼
And we have 8 flavors!
🥜Peanut Butter
⬜White Chocolate
Link in bio @proteincakery has them all

Freshly baked protein cookies with just 5 minutes prep and 5 minutes in the oven. 💪🏼 #treatyoself

Have you tried adding fresh raspberries our Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cake? 😍 Such a pop of flavor! Topped here with sugar-free whipped cream 😋
Details in the Recipe Ideas section of the shop, link in bio @proteincakery

Fluffy protein cake, right out of the microwave. Mix + applesauce + water. Easiest way to start the day! 💪🏼
👉🏼Link in bio @proteincakery has all the flavors 🍰

Because life is too short to skip the cookies and chocolate 😋 this deliciousness has no sugar and added protein 💪🏼
➡Details in the Recipe Ideas section of our shop, link in bio @proteincakery

🍰What are you baking up this weekend? These chocolate on chocolate cupcakes are calling my name! Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cake with White Chocolate Sugar-Free Frosting 💕and natural sprinkles, of course! ✨
👉🏼Link in bio @proteincakery to try.

These toppings 😍Kelsey @_food_forthought_ knocked it out of the park with her Lemon and Berry Protein Cake! 🍋🍓😍
repost @_food_forthought_
Happy 4th of July!!🇺🇸 In celebration, I decided to try out @proteincakery lemon cake mix and it did NOT dissapoint😍 The cakes are so easy to make in the microwave, super yummy, and come in lots of flavors (I also ordered peanut butter and cinnamon spice cake mix!). The lemon cake was amazing for my lemon flavored fans out there👌🏻.
CAKE DEETS: One container of lemon @proteincakery cake mix, 90g of unsweetened applesauce, 2tbsp of water mixed together and microwaved for a little over 2 minutes! The frosting was made with one vanilla SF snack pack and @waldenfarmsinternational marshmallow dip. I topped the cake with 7g of @lovegrown sea stars, 120g strawberries, 50g of blueberries, and Walden’s pancake/caramel syrups🙌🏻!
408 cals 70C/6F/32P for the whole cake including the toppings!💪🏻

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