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Protection Racket  Getting you there since 1994 #wearefamily #nothingcomesclose🌈

My boy @charliebowderymusic is playing in London, Soho tomorrow night at Salon Noir upstairs at L’Escargot 🤩 if you out & about in Soho tomorrow please pop in for a drink and tell Chops Dad says break a leg 🙏🏻👊🏻😎 #charliebowderymusic #protectionracket #protectionracketcases #soho #livefromsalonnoir #newartist #newmusic #noshortcuts

We’re blown away with this incredible work of art from my partner in crime and fellow Rhythm Section homeslice Mr Turbo himself, Foz Foster 😳 what a talent?!! Mini-air gun and masking skillage in abundance 👊🏻 I’ve told him he should set up a page & take commissions! Give him a virtual pat on the back and tell him how clever he is, he deserves it!!! Can’t wait to receive the framed version and put up at PR HQ 🤩 THANKS Foz 🙏🏻 ❤️❌ #protectionracket #protectionracketcases

Protection Racket Sheffield division 🤩🤩👊🏻👊🏻 🤣🤣 just get your orders in before opening time!!! Chief operations & logistics director @everyoneknowswhoajis & gaffa tape & widgets division supervisor @stevemuncaster #seriouslymorestockthanusatthemoment 😎 #protectionracketcases #protectionracket #sheffield

A huge thank you to our very first artist Craig Blundell for being an amazing friend & ambassador this last 24 years. And, for this wonderful post 😎👊🏻 THANK YOU Craig 🙏🏻 #wearefamily :- Today this rig has left to be flown to Canada for the North American part of the 3rd leg of the Steven Wilson #tothebonetour starting two weeks tomorrow in Tokyo. Me and my techs over the years have always kept my rigs immaculate and that’s largely down to the cases they travel in. 24 years ago after doing a little thing on the generation game and getting all my gear home in sheets, towels and blankets in my battered old car I spoke to this lovely guy in Cornwall called Dean who’s advert I saw in rhythm magazine. He signed me as an artist (their first) I really I had no right as I was no-one with no credits and appeal apart from being full of ambition and ideas, but, we got on great and he showed wonderful support that year. As my career path changed, with various ups and downs they still stood by me where most would drop you in a heartbeat and still do if you’re out of favour but he treated me amazingly well even when the gigs dried up. Fast forward 24 years and I still use their cases and luggage, they have been around the world countless amounts of times. In this set up I have a couple of cases that are 17 years old and still going strong, and in storage in Europe another rig that’s in cases that are over 15 years old and still doing their jobs. I’d just like to say to my friends at Protection Racket a HUGE ‘thank you’ for their love and support.
24 years and counting #wearefamily #protectionracket #protectionracketcases

Thanks for this lovey post from Team PR's Holly Madge - Drummer / Percussionist (Hans Zimmer) 🤩:- Wouldn't go anywhere without them. My parents bought me that cymbal bag when I was 14 years old and I've never had to buy another. Buy once and you'll have it for life #weareprfamily #protectionracket #protectionracketcases #drums #drummer #gettingyoutheresince94 🤩❤️🌈😎

Our wonderful distributors in Japan 🇯🇵️ Yamaha Music Japan have produced a range of promotional button badges and stickers 👊 looking GOOD!!! 😎 Thanks Tetsuya Nishio 🤩 amazing work as always!! #protectionracketcases #yamahamusicjapan #gettingyoutheresince94 #wearefamily #nothing #comesclose #tetsuyarocks #gettingyoutheresince94 #protectionracketcases #protectionracket #drums #yamahadrums #yamahadrumsofficial #yamahajapan

Early 2000’s Human Metronome Tee 😎 thinking of doing a re-run?! Anyone interested? 🤔 #protectionracket #protectionracketcases #wearefamily #teeshirt #drum #drums 🌈

Though we officially became Protection Racket in February 1994, the original “spark” was on this day in Bodmin, Cornwall 1993 😳 so today we unofficially celebrate 25 years 👊🏻 THANKS 🙏🏻 to everyone who has supported us down the years 🤩 stars, the lot of you ❌ Deano, Nick, Mandy & Lesley 👴🏻👴🏼👵🏼🧓🏻 here’s the original logo idea 💡 #protectionracket #protectionracketcases #25 #wearefamily

We’ve had heaps of photos of humans looking like the PR man logo but this beats them all hands down!! A stick insect that is the same as our old brown snare case?!!! 😮🤗🙏🏻🤩 #protectionracket #protectionracketcases #wearefamily #stickinsect

No filter 🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣 3, that’s the magic number @petebill @kazdrums @disciples @boardmasters 2018 thanks @kirstie_francis for the photo 👊🏻 happy days 🤗 #wearefamily #protectionracket #protectionracketcases

For the many, not the few ❤️ #fuckthetories

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