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sabrina;  🌹 i fucking love hayes grier and i dont know why 🌹 β€’brandon rowland followed β€’brazilian acc

i'm sooooooo happy, thanks nashyyy! i love you so much 😭❀ #nashgrier 18/08 πŸ’™


I see a lot of nasty comments about Brenzie, i think all of you who are judging them should stop and respect. If you do not like it, fine, but respect. Kenzie and Brandon are not deserving of so much hate free, just because you do not support them together. They have the right to be happy, put themselves in their place or him, see how you would feel just by being with someone you love?
They are young, if she makes him happy and a better human, why can not they live that love? ❀✌ #brenzie #brandonrowland #kenzieziegler

I dreamed tonight with Hayes, literally one of the best dreams i've ever had 😍 #hayesgrier

i could name all the things that make me love you. but right now i just want to know how you get so hot so serious??????? 😩🌚 #hayesgrier

my baby, ilysm. thanks for everything 02/08 πŸ’™#hayesgrier / liked my comment 3x

i love Has and Zan together, they are so lovely 😍😩 #hayesgrier

this was the second time you noticed me, i remember that i cried so much when i saw it πŸ˜πŸ’– #hayesgrier / liked my comment 2x

And i will love you from january to january, till the world ends. ❀ #hayesgrier

19/04/2017 the day you noticed me for the first time, the happiest day of my life πŸ˜†πŸ’– #hayesgrier // liked my comment 1x


A year since the Hayes crash. I was never so worried as i was that day. I remember that i cried all day long for fear that something would happen to him. But thank God, he got better and for me it was a great happiness. I worry a lot about you! So far... And here i c an not move a finger to make you a caress. To be able to protect you from something i could not even do for myself. I just wanted you to know that, here on the other side, here (that for you is "there"); here is someone who cares about you. That he would not mind listening to your sincere cries or trying to calm you anyway. I'm here, see? Even though this "here" is extremely far and at the moment unreachable. ❀ -

#hayesgrier @hayesgrier

🌹 #hayesgrier

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