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I don't doubt I am condemned for this post, regardless this is what I've to say:

I have always been a masochist, and a masochist I remain. I've had a liking for pain since I was a child. I always looked forward to shots at doctors; cuts and scrapes from falling put many smiles on my face. As a teen I had my bouts of self pity self harm, but it never became an issue.

When mental illness invaded my world of masochistic self harm, I lost control and had to put a stop to it. I couldn't share my world with something else. This account was my journey to defeating mental illness. I have defeated it without the use of antidepressant "band-aids". I am in control again, and my masochistic behaviours are once more my own.

Masochism, to me, is controlled self harm, born of pure desire and adoration for physical pain and blood. I take that a step further with my explorative passion for the anatomical body. It has absolutely nothing to do with upset whatsoever. It is pure enjoyment. My plain, un-sugared opinion: there isn't a thing wrong with self harm IF it is not done in mental instability, born of self pity. Before indulging, a person must be extremely objective to be sure there is no hidden reason, (as well as understanding the human body). If it is triggered because you are sad, angry, ocd controlled, dissociative, or upset in any way, then you need to work on becoming stronger because self harm in that sense is just a crutch for life, a handicap. Otherwise, in regards to pure masochistic self harm, why should there be anything wrong with that? Humans hurt themselves for many socially acceptable reasons which leave permanent results much like a self harm scar. Plastic surgery for example, tattoos, piercings, brandings, stretchings, scarifications, etc. It may not be put in a pretty form that is pleasing to the eye, but it is pleasing to my passion and pain lust.

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