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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  Official Instagram Account of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1, leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

Friday Night LIVE: A strong foundation has been laid

The enemy had a strategy to destroy the lives of believers everywhere. The Lord has always had a redemption plan for His beloved. The man of God has carefully spoken of greater achievement that will unfold as we deal with family curses and generational curses. All spiritual poisons have been dealt with.
Angels dispatched with solutions, answers: MIRACLES! Every demonic influence that dared to appear in the gathering was completely obliterated. Valued readers, there is the influence of deliverance wherever you are!

Every stronghold uprooted, every foul spirit challenged and the spirits taunting families have received punishment and eviction without notice with the authority of Christ. Deliverance is a work in progress and requires commitment and a clear solid decision.
The Power of the Holy Ghost has been commissioned to make you free indeed. As you thank and worship God for your deliverance, the anointing is still available. Your heart must be willing to be set free. Be set free and be made whole.


Friday LIVE: A prayer for documents! "As you raise up your documents, in the name of the Almighty, I call upon the anointing to touch every document that is in your hand.

Every document that is in your hand, I speak favour. You shall be favoured in every direction you take." - Major 1

Friday LIVE: Your deliverance shall be permanent... "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for you, wherever you are, for your total deliverance. I declare that this deliverance be permanent in the mighty name of Jesus Christ." - Major 1

Friday LIVE: Receive Your Total Deliverance... Follow me in this prayer: "My Father, my Father I receive my total deliverance tonight. I receive the total deliverance of my family tonight. Thank you Father for delivering my family." - Major 1

Friday LIVE: It Is Done! "Raise your hands and begin to praise and thank God for your family deliverance. God has set you free.
Praise Him!" - Major 1

Friday LIVE: The art of deliverance... "The art of deliverance must come from deep down your heart. You must be willing to be delivered. If you are not willing, no one will force you to. It's a personal conviction inspired by faith." - Major 1

Friday LIVE: Evil spirits destroyed! "I uproot every evil sprit right now. I bind you and your master in the mighty name of Jesus Christ." - Major 1

Friday LIVE: You are liberated! "Tonight you are disconnected from anything that has been holding you!" - Major 1

Friday LIVE: All poison is removed! "Touch your stomach. Whatever poison that you might have eaten in your sleep is coming out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" - Major 1

Friday LIVE: A prayer for all men! "If you are a man, may all demonic powers holding you down leave you alone in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" - Major 1

Friday LIVE: Pray for overall deliverance! "My Father, my Father, deliver me now by Your power.
Every power of Satan holding my family hostage, every demon of poverty, I command you out,
Every demonic power I command you out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" - Major 1

Friday LIVE: Be free from evil ties!

Lift up your hands and connect to this prayer: "Every spiritual dream which affects you,
Any power from witch doctors,
Any spell cast against you, must come out the moment you drop your hands in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" - Major 1

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