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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  Official Instagram Account of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1, leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

This is the last week of the month of second chances. Therefore, I pray for you wherever you are.
Everywhere you were failing, I declare you shall make it.
Where you fell down, you shall experience a rising.
If you applied for a job and they denied you, then go and apply again, they shall pick you.

If you tried something and it did not work then go ahead and try again.

I see the Lord renewing and restoring all the days and opportunities the enemy stole from you.

Let the hand of the Lord rewrite your story this week. From shame to glory. Poverty to prosperity. Sickness to health. In the name of Jesus Christ!

This is my prayer for you.

International Visitors LIVE: Join me once again on Prophetic Channel this evening from 9pm CAT for the live International Visitors Service. Stay protected, to remain connected.

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Receive your deliverance!

The Prophet has displayed the supernatural power of the one he calls God. He is the one called Yahweh, the God once known as the God without a name. Whom do you call God? Know that the God of Major 1 is the one we call Lord. As you grow spiritually, know that God is in control, He is the one who does these miracles. Have you connected to the grace? Have you tapped into the prophetic? Have you received the word of the Lord from His messenger?
Make no mistake, God watches over His word to perform it. Every declaration, every prophecy, each prayer and every lyric you have heard in this arena, say amen to it! May the Scematizo anointing reach into your life and give you your own testimony!

Do you believe this is your season? Believe it. God has spoke to each one of us in today. Do not forget today, it is the day your story changed.

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Overview of the Prophetic wave at ECG

Today we witnessed the move of the spirit in the gathering of saints. The Prophet arrived in top form and bludgeoned demons like he was paid to do it!
Demons flew out of sequence and the man of God summoned many to the altar in order to deliver and prophecy to them. Many received prophecy; we recorded over thirty individual prophecies in one sitting.
The issues ranged from barrenness, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and lack of school fees among the many.
The Prophecy sharp-shooter has even seen the removal of a womb, a secret pregnancy, the spirit of confusion and the demon of HIV are evicted effectively.

From school fees being sourced, to the laying on of hands the Prophet has tirelessly done what he was born to do!
Believers got to witness a mass deliverance of some of the sons and daughters who were located for a special encounter at the altar that the Prophet has raised to his God.
The Bible speaks of the role of those that prophesy: 1 Cor. 14 verse 3 tells us;
“But he that prophesies speaks unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.” Have you been edified by the Prophet of the Lord today? Soon it will be time for you to testify!

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Go and try again! "If you applied for something and they didn't pick you. If you tried something and it failed. I say to you, go and try again!" -Major 1

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Take careful note! "There are demons which are transferred by people's eyes. The moment they look at you, demons are transferred into your life." -Major 1

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: The General throwing prophetic gymnastics without fatigue

Sons and daughters are excited because today we know that change has come upon this house. The children gathered are standing here, only because God made a way.
There is shouting and jubilation in every hall and in every tent because our father in the Lord is in top form and it is time to get ready for action.

Valued reader, fasten your seat belt, as we are broadcasting LIVE on Prophetic Channel to millions around the globe. The General is here. He is fearless, tireless and full of the Holy Ghost power.
According to the Emeritus, it is a science, today it will be vividly displayed as an art!

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Freely I give

When God called me he said to me "Son freely I have given you, freely you must go and give." - Major 1

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: He reveals the story to His prophets! "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7)

The word, "surely" is used there as emphasis with confident assurance. God was swearing upon His word that he will not do anything, lest He reveals it primarily to His prophets.

If nothing is happening in your life, then you need to know that God is waiting for you to meet a prophet. The plans for your life and all that concerns you is in the mouth of the prophet! -Major 1

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Nine months!

I want to do what I was born to do. For this very reason I was conceived and for this very purpose, I was called. To be a Prophet to millions. To be a Prophet to nations. For this very reason I live and exist. To be a mouthpiece of God and speak on His behalf. - Major 1

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: This is Our God!

He is above every name. At the mention of the name Jesus, every knee shall bow to the glory of the Father. There is no other God but Him.

Prophetic Sunday LIVE: Just a word!

Say, "Speak one word Major 1, it will change my life forever." - Major 1

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