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Project Lyme  Talk about ticks. Project Lyme is a global awareness organization dedicated to the prevention (and early diagnosis) of Lyme disease. #TalkAboutTicks

Neurological Lyme...it’s many symptoms include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, loss of hope, schizophrenia and more. Learn more about the symptoms and the ways in which Lyme literate doctors like neurologist @drelenafrid and psychotherapist for @turnpaugh_health, Dr. Panattoni are tackling these symptoms and working at giving relief to Lyme disease patients. It’s on @abc27news with host Kendra Nichols and guest-host, James Crummel podcast, “On Deadline.” http://abc27.com/2018/03/06/how-lyme-disease-affects-your-brain/

#lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #chronicillness #invisibleillness #depression #ticktalk

The Tick Talk is coming right up and we’re excited about the conversations about to happen! Among the wonderful doctors @carrieperrytv will be talking to, including @drelenafrid and Dr. Turnpaugh will be Dr. Lynn Panattoni. With a PhD in marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Panattoni’s focus has been in trauma, anxiety, depression and women’s physiological health (sound familiar to Lyme disease sufferers?). @projectlyme would like to thank Carrie Perry, as well as the sponsors for this wonderful event including @faulknersubaruofmechanicsburg and @members1stfcu for their support! 💚💚💚👍. #ticktalk2018 #lymediseaseawareness #ticktalk

A BIG thank you to the wonderful sponsors of the 2nd Annual Tick Talk (coming right up on March 3rd) with host extraordinaire and @projectlyme Ambassador, @carrieperrytv. A giant shout-out to the @members1stfcu and to @faulknersubaruofmechanicsburg for your generosity and sponsorship of this event! Your contributions allow Project Lyme to continue getting the word out on Lyme disease prevention and information about tick-borne diseases to communities in Central PA. 💚💚💚 Thx @carrieperrytv #lymediseaseawareness #ticktalk #wellness #seminar #PA #ticks #lymewarriors #health

We’re looking forward to this wonderful speaker at the upcoming 2nd Annual Tick Talk: A Conversation About Lyme, Dr. Chris Turnpaugh from the Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center. Dr. Turnpaugh, a skilled practitioner whose primary focus is on finding and addressing the root cause of disease has extensive experience in supporting patients who are dealing with the most difficult, chronic, autoimmune and neurological health conditions. Patients from around the country seek out his expertise to restore their health. Be part of the discussion between Lyme disease advocate and Project Lyme Ambassador, @carrieperrytv and Dr. Turnpaugh. Buy your tickets to the March 3rd event at https://projectlyme.org/events

#Lymediseaseawareness #Wellness #TickTalk #health #seminar #PA #LymeWarriors #health

One of the wonderful speakers at the upcoming 2nd Annual Tick Talk: A Conversation About Lyme is Lyme expert, @drelenafrid. As a pediatric and adult autoimmune neurologist and Lyme specialist, Dr. Frid sees patients with complex cases of Lyme disease and other ticks-borne illnesses. If you get a chance, come be part of the conversation with Project Lyme Ambassador and super Lyme disease advocate @carrieperrytv on March 3rd. Tickets are available through www.projectlyme/events/ or directly through our bio link. It’s going to be an amazing discussion!

#lymediseaseawareness #neurology #lymediseaseprevention #education #health #wellness #lymewarrior

Tick populations are exploding in #Pennsylvania, especially in Central Pennsylvania and there’s no time like the present (or in this case, near present) to raise awareness! 💚 We are so fortunate to have @carrieperrytv, Project Lyme Ambassador and Lyme Warrior hosting the Second Annual Tick Talk: A Conversation About Lyme on March 3, 2018! Let’s talk ticks with such engaging speakers as @drelenafrid, Dr. Turnpaugh from the Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center and Dr.Panattoni! 💚💚👊🏻The exciting event is at the West Shore Country club from 9am-4pm. Get your tickets on Project Lynne’s website (link in bio)! #Lymediseaseawareness #ticktalk #takkaboutticks #lymecoibfectiobs #lymediseaseeducation

Tisa, of @theonyxfeather creates some of the most amazing pieces of jewelry. A year ago she created the “Lyme Warriors Collection” when she found out that @nickilenore was buying the green jasper bracelet for her daughter, who at the time was battling Lyme disease along with @sam_perry07, @carrieperrytv’s daughter. Tisa designed two other bracelets to go along with the original and this one, created with Green Line Jasper is known to help with inflammation. Not only is this wonderful bracelet made with love, Tisa is ALSO donating $5.00 to @ProjectLyme for every Green Line Jasper bracelet sold. How wonderful is that? We are inspired, moved and ever grateful for Tisa @theonyxfeather and for the ongoing and amazing support of @nickilenore as well as those volunteers and contributors to the #LymeDiseaseChallenge team! You ALL rock. Let’s get this AWARENESS AND HOPE moving. We can and do make a difference!
Repost from @nickilenore TY
#LymeDiseaseAwareness #LymeWarriors #jewelryforacause #handmade #Jasper #LymeDiseaseprevention #naturalstones #refresh #naturalbeauty

New Lyme tests? Why, yes, thank you very much! 💚💚 Actually we want to thank the amazing scientists and researchers from @yale @rutgersnjms, @harvardmed, @niaid plus the many agencies and centers who have been working on creating a test that can really identify the infection early. Early diagnosis and better accuracy means a quicker response and we all know that early treatment can make a huge difference in our health. Check out the article in “Rutgers Today.” #lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #lymediseaseprevention #lymewarrior #health #wellness

Ticks are miserable and dangerous AND they survived the ICE AGE, so we’re pretty sure they’ll survive some frigid temps. They actually have their own “anti-freeze” system that helps them survive...What’s a person to do? Be aware. Wear the right gear (permethrin-treated), use your smarts and make sure that a daily tick check is part of your routine. Spread the word. It only takes one.💚💚💚 #lymedisease
#lymediseaseawareness #winter-health

@projectlyme is super excited to be partnering up with the amazing @lymediseasechallenge team to increase awareness and really make an impact on Lyme disease awareness and funding for improved Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment. Together, in May 2018, we’re talking GLOBAL participation and asking participants to contribute $10 to @projectlyme and then follow these three steps:
1. TAKE A BITE-Bite a lime and TAKE A PHOTO OR SHORT VIDEO of the act.
2. SHARE A FACT-Give us ONE BRIEF FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE (you can find some great facts on the @lymediseasechallenge website). Say them on your video, write them in your photo, include them in your post, just make sure it’s included somewhere. Help us spread the TRUE facts about Lyme disease far and wide.
3. PASS IT ON-Let’s keep this campaign going, momentum is EVERYTHING. Please CHALLENGE THREE OTHER PEOPLE, your friends, your family, whoever-to take a bite! We’re really excited and grateful to be partnering up with @lymediseasechallenge and looking forward to seeing how this amazing community of advocates spread awareness with 💚💚 Not feeling like you have the time? No problem. You can always donate $100 instead. Keep the advocacy going, too many patients, including children are slipping through the cracks while we wait for better research funding and more effective tests. WE CAN DO THIS. 👍 .
#lymedisease #lymediseaseawarenessmonth #lymediseasechallenge #lymewarrior #advocacy #childrenshealth #lymediseaseawareness

Monster storm coming in your direction? Or maybe the temp is dropping and you’re ready to hang out next to a cozy fire in your fireplace? Before you bring that firewood in, STOP! Take a close look at the logs for hidden critters, shake those logs and knock them together to get rid of any pests that might be hiding, then burn that wood ASAP. No one needs a winter tick bite or any of the terrible stuff that goes along with it. 💚💚 #Lymediseaseawareness #Lymediseaseprevention #monsterstorm #firewood #tickprotrction #winter #wellness

Wishing everyone a healthy new year. Thank you to the many wonderful advocates for Lyme disease awareness, you rock! Thank you to those working hard to make changes, for those in research and those making sure that educational tools are in the right hands. Thank you for your support and💚💚💚. #projectlyme #lymediseaseawareness #lymediseaseprevention #newyear #wellness

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