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331 posts   941 followers   180 followings  An ethical & empowering female self-portraiture project turning the tables on traditional erotica. All body types welcome! Contribute below 📷👇🏽.

I like to feel: "Free from obligations, time constraints and contact." #erotica #ishotmyself #allbodiesaregoodbodies

"As an artist I have found myself becoming more attracted to art projects that involve nudity." #erotica #ishotmyself #allbodiesaregoodbodies

"Good quality porn should be intimate, it should be comfortable, it should show all types of bodies in the their natural habitats. It should be silly and messy, just like really good sex tends to be! I don't like to take myself too seriously. But I seriously like to get off!"

"I really like the idea behind this project, as women just being themselves and still being attractive without any extras or touch ups." #erotica #ishotmyself

"I love my mind, I love feeling like a sexy angel kitten and I also love feeling like a little alien creature. Sexuality is multidimensional, just like the self."

"Buy the ticket, take the ride!" #erotica #eroticart #ishotmyself #allbodiesaregoodbodies

"I am now finally finding a 'happy place' in my body and my relationship with food. I am at peace, and it feels so damn good." #erotic #erotica #eroticart #ishotmyself

Occupation: "Retail sales and industrious masturbator"

"The human body is so unique to each individual that it truly is a work of art, and I feel that ISM really presents this concept well through their work."

"I don't want follow anything but myself, and be naked on the internet is a way for me to feel free. I'd like to runaway from this life, path is long to freedom."

"I created what was lacking in life."

"I Shot Myself is about trying to let go of all the negativity and just be like "Fuck it, I AM ME"."

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