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CARA CABLE  ✨USPA Powerlifter✨Tattooer PGH PA @blackcatcara✨sometimes the secret is yes✨powerlifter gets boobs 👇🏻

Did up this little flash sheet for @grrrl_clothing GRRRL LIVE 18 event this weekend in Las Vegas. I’ll be tattooing these designs at The Golden Nugget time and location TBA. If you’re going to be at the event I’d love to give you a souvenir tattoo. More info to come. #grrrl #grrrlclothing #grrrllive

Sponsored by @itsversayce_ @itsversayce_ @itsversayce_ take me back to that gay heaven #drama #gay

Worked up to a juicy single at 275 today after sets of 5. Feeling thicc after a late night protein popcorn situation at the movie theatre but these moved well so 🤷🏻‍♀️. #abracadabracara #ilovedeadlifts #thiccandjuicy #squeezeme

Date nite.

Top vid old set up 125x1 TNG. Bottom vid new set up 125x1P. Changed my setup and things are moving and feeling faster. Concentrating less on what things “should” look like and more on what it “feels” like. Moving from overthinking into trying things bc I think they might work feels really good and organic. I think strict form is important but how you get there isn’t always the same for everyone. Feeling it out and trying to be less devastated when things aren’t perfect. This shit is supposed to be fun. #ilovebench #abracadabracara

Just under 2 years between photos. Beefcake sure does take a long time to grow. #meat #beefy #gainz

@teamproscience hipped me to @laurathomasphd and her podcast and it’s just kind of exactly what I need to hear right now. I love this quote (swipe left) because it is a revolutionary thought in the fitness industry or just being a regular ass person who wants to improve their life. We believe that losing body fat and changing composition is the ultimate success and all we have to do to improve our image of ourselves. I thought that changing my body was all I had to do to improve my body image, but it turns out that accepting my body at all weights, shapes, levels of lean, injury, or bloat is where the true improvement of body image begins. Someone told me once that if you are successful nobody wants to see your weakness. I don’t agree. I believe that it’s through our weaknesses that we connect on a human level. That sharing our experience is how we become collectively stronger. That’s not how it may work for some, but I know that if I don’t share a connection and allow myself to be vulnerable to another human, I am always going to be alone and suffering. So today I share these words and this quote from another person who is suffering ( newsflash we all are) or has figured out a way to ease hers, in hopes to help me ease mine. PS. Admitting that we don’t subscribe to the “normal” way of accepting our bodies by the assumption that weight loss fixes everything is actually punk as fuck. Does losing weight improve your life all of the time? Nope. Does acceptance and peace with yourself as you are one day at a time improve your life all of the time? Um YES. DUH.

190x1, 175x5 today for topsies. The single is a raw PR for me and it felt great. 175x5 wasn’t perfect but ok. Last one was high. Thanks for the spot @enzo127 and for noticing that #nopeepr 💦 no love for @fornikatieng bc she was on her fucking phone. Watch the first vid to the end to hear how mean I am to her. #prboiz #ilovesquats

It’s amazing what 6 years of hair and makeup practice (including having many friends who help me) and not being pregnant af (never doing THAT again OR THAT HAIR omg) can do for a “glow up”. Is that what the kids are saying on the internet these days? #transformationtuesday #glowup #thathairtho #whatwasithinking #imcuteinbothtbh

Yes bitch first time climbing the pole felt so good I did it again. #polefitness #abracadabracara #getit #ironcitycircusarts

Pretty speechless at this series of videos that I woke up to this morning from @talootie. I tattooed this cutie last summer at a tattoo fest. She was quirky and smart and had a magic about her. I tattooed a centipede on her and couldn’t really connect with her bc it was so loud and busy. She just recently started following this IG and I am pretty humbled at the impression that I made. One of the things that I really hope to do with this account was to make people who wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable in a gym comfortable and validated. I started off weird and fat and tattooed at LA fitness SO AFRAID of who would see me. And because doing this has been truly transformative, it means so much to me when people reach out and tell me that I’m helping them and when it’s in a way that I truly intend to be helpful it’s even more mind blowing. Thank you so much for this it made my whole year. #lovelovelove #theuniverseiskind #abracadabracara #transform

Gloomy Sunday. #GGF

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