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Progenex  Progenex accelerates muscle growth and repair. • Fitness never tasted so great!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a dream away, the moment is now!
• Fitness Never Tasted So Great. • #progenex

The @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun is about being a part of a community that not only values fitness and health but aims to cultivate an environment that will challenge, empower, and dare the kids of Hawaii to thrive. • Join us at the #UHTR on September 16th, 2017. Visit to register today! Not able to make it to the run? You can now fundraise and donate from home by visiting • #progenex #racewithpurpose

Attention California friends! OGAR: Will of Steel will be showing on Thursday, August 24th, in Costa Mesa, CA! Join @kevinogar and @barbellsforboobs for this exclusive premiere!

Location: Triangle Square Cinemas
Time: Doors open at 7 pm, movie starts at 7:15 pm.

Visit or the link in @barbellsforboobs bio to purchase tickets!

#progenex #barbellsforboobs

RECOVERY | Loco Mocha • Progenex Recovery uses the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate for quicker regeneration of muscle tissue. Studies have shown that those who use whey protein hydrolysates recover not only more quickly, but also recover much stronger than those who don’t. • “Starting CrossFit in my mid-40's has really pushed my body to new limits. Recovery was a challenge after many workouts. Progenex Recovery has really helped me speed up the process and recover at a faster pace. The best part is that it's a post-workout drink I actually look forward to having, just for the taste itself, let alone how it will help me be better prepared for my next workout. Highly recommend.” - Customer Review • Fitness Never Tasted So Great. • #progenex

A little dirt never hurt anyone... or a lot. • @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun is less than a month away! Join us by registering at Not able to make it to the run? Join from home by fundraising or donating online by visiting • #progenex #UHTR #racewithpurpose

FORCE | Raspberry Lemonade • Progenex Force contains a special proprietary blend of ingredients that is specifically formulated to maximize your body’s ability to train harder, longer so that you can realize superior results. • Awaken the Force inside of you at • Fitness Never Tasted So Great. • #progenex

The @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun is more than just a “fun run.” It’s a run with purpose with a community that seeks to challenge people to become the best version of themselves. • Run with us on September 16th, 2017 or fundraise from home by visiting • #progenex #UHTR #racewithpurpose

With role models that exemplify the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, the @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun kids will have the opportunity to break the generational traditions of substance abuse and create a promising future for Hawaii. • Join us for the run or fundraise from home by visiting • #progenex #UHTR #racewithpurpose

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THE BAR contains two powerful ingredients that have shown to increase endurance capacity and lean body mass while reducing body fat.

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!

Fitness Never Tasted So Great.


“Zack Ruhl has brought a new meaning to "badass." His no-excuses mentality has built incredible strength and a big future.” -@bleacherreport

We are very blessed to have @pitbullruhl as a Progenex Athlete!


Nighttime recovery is crucial for daytime performance and success. • Progenex Cocoon combines just what your body needs for a deep, restorative and reparative sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and recovered. Ready to tackle stress, rise above the daily grind, and attack your most grueling workouts. • Available at • Fitness Never Tasted So Great. • #progenex

"I may not have six pack abs or shoulders like the Hulk. I do however put my body through extreme challenges and push it to its limits, day in and day out, day after day to succeed in my passion, Competitive Spearfishing. During my 2017 US National Campaign, I showed up to Fort Bragg, California 16 days before competition day to get acclimated and scout for fish so that I could comprise a fruitful competition catch. These days of scouting consisted of miles of paddling my kayak for 6-8 hrs and over 100 dives looking in Nor Cal's frigid 49-degree water for fish like lingcod, cabezon, and a variety of rock fish. Demanding so much from my body nutrition is a must, how I prepare and repair my body before and upon return from scouting is crucial in being able to continue and push past fatigue and body aches. With a More Muscle Cake Batter shake for breakfast (my new favorite flavor) and a few Salted Carmel Bars, it's perfect to fuel up during the day. While diving it's important not to over eat as your digestive system uses a lot of energy which speeds your heart rate. A speedy heart uses more oxygen which is what I need to have to make it back to the surface after staying on the bottom for up 2 mins and 30 secs. The most important part of my day is what I do immediately upon reaching the shore, and that's to have my Recovery shake. It feeds my body with what I need to get ready for another day. After logging more than 100 hours of diving and I don't how many miles of kayaking, it was time to compete! When I asked the most from my body, it responded, and in return my team I took first as National Champions! I finished a close second individually and for the 3rd time in 3 years earned a spot on the All American Spearfishing Team! My 2nd place finish secured my spot on the USA team that will compete in Portugal in 2018 for the CMAS World Championships!" -@bigisleboy24

Justin's go-to Progenex products: More Muscle, Recovery, and The Bar.


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