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Progenex  Progenex accelerates muscle growth and repair. • Fitness never tasted so great!

Chris Hinshaw takes some time to explain and demonstrate the difference between Plyo and Ballistic box jumps in North Shore, Oahu at the Progenex wellness center. @aerobiccapacity @hinshaw363 @crossfitpoipu

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Going into the weekend like...

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Every 3 min
-24 kbs
-12 phspu
-6 kettlebell jump push ups

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What are your favorite ways to use your fitness outdoors? Running? Hiking? Swimming? Let us know in the comments below! #progenexMOVE

Progenex products are perfect for competition days. With high nerves and close heat times, it’s hard to get a full meal in. More Muscle and Recovery are perfect for pre and post workouts to get you back on your feet and ready to attack whatever comes next! #Progenex #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat #ProgenexMoreMuscle #ProgenexRecovery

#tbt Brazil Trowdown 2017👊
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Whether @healeywaterops is out in the water or on land he know’s how to recover with his favorite #Progenex products to get him ready for whatever comes next! #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat #progenexMOVE

@009julian showing us his morning routine. More Muscle is an amazing add on to your daily cup of joe! #progenexMOREMUSCLE #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat

New @street_parking vlog episode is now up. Click link in bio to get my delicious recipe to success every morning. ☕️😋
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Pull-ups are one of the most straightforward calisthenics exercises - pull your bodyweight up, lower yourself back down. Sounds simple enough, right? Well if you ever tried to do them, you know that their straightforwardness can be exceeded by their intensity and many variations.

There’s always room to add more pull-up tips to your belt so that you can improve pull-ups. But if you’re getting bored and have mastered the standard pull-up, click the link in our bio and look at some pull-up variations that can help improve your pull-up game! @stacietovar #Progenex #PullUp #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat

Nothing like a great workout to start your week off right! Make your week easier with our lineup of premium supplements!

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