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@johnrussophoto: "We created a “behind the scenes” look for this shot of @shailenewoodley. She was lit with a Profoto Pro-B3 pack with an RFi Softbox 5’ Octa as a modifier".

@johnrussophoto: "I wanted to capture a darker portrait of @jackblack, so we came up with a fun light setup for this, utilizing three Profoto Pro-8 packs. The main light was an RFi Softbox 1x1.3’. The orange light camera left was a Zoom Reflector with an orange gel, and the light above head was an RFi Softbox Square with green gels".

@johnrussophoto: "For this iconic shot of @jlo, we filled the room with haze to soften the harsh natural backlight. We hit her face with a pop of light from our Profoto Pro-B3 with an RFi Softbox 1x1.3’”.

@johnrussophoto: "Another pretty simple lighting setup here on this photo of @cristiano. One Profoto Pro-B3 pack with an Umbrella Shallow Silver M and a diffuser".

@johnrussophoto: "This portrait of @elizabetholsenofficial was a really fun, unique one. We shot her through an old farmhouse window to create a painterly texture. She was lit with a Profoto Pro-B3 pack with a, RFi Softbox 5’ Octa as a modifier. We also shot through another vintage window with a bare head on our Profoto Pro-B4 to create interesting window-shaped shadow patterns on the wall".

It's time for #ProfotoTakeover - this time with celebrity photographer @johnrussophoto. Join us this week to see some of his iconic images and the story behind them.

@johnrussophoto : "I personally think @leonardodicaprio is one of the most iconic actors of our time, so I wanted something that would really highlight his face. This was an RFi Softbox Strip 1x4’ that was right above his head and positioned horizontally. Pack was a Profoto Pro-8".

Celebrity photographer @johnrussophoto reveals his secrets on how to create beautiful character portraits, using #ProfotoD2. See our insta story to learn how you can use various patterns of light to create stunning portraits.

US based @Meg_nlo is excited to show you all what she has in her camera bag. Now we're excited to hear more about you - What's in your bag?
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US based @meg_nlo was a natural-light shooter until she discovered the many benefits of being in control of the light yourself, instead of being dependent on the weather. Here, she used the #ProfotoA1 and its light shaping tools.

Cinematic and beautiful, captured by @fiorella_occhipinti using the #ProfotoB2 and a large umbrella.
Swipe up in our insta story to go behind the scenes of this shoot and see the included lighting diagram.

Do you have an image in your head of that stunning background you want to catch? Don't limit yourself - learn how to create it instead. In our latest Profoto Academy course, @DavidBicho teaches you the tips and tricks of how to successfully light a background. See our insta story for all the details.

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