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🦉Bill 🦉  College professor who loves Cuban cigars and the Tampa Bay Rays. Clearwater, FL USA @prtwain on Twitter

Sign in the #OccidentalCigarClub in San Francisco fyi @vitolasmoker . At least it was there last time I visited! Love this. #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

A cool, dry day, perfect for this 2013 #LaGloriaCubana Medaille d’Or #4. First from this box, perfect light floral and citrus peel. Perfect draw, just don’t smoke if the cigar or smoking conditions are humid. At 6 inches, 32 RG, just a work of art. I need to buy a few more boxes 😎 #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

A quiet evening with a #SamuelSmith #IndiaAle and a favorite cigar, 2013 #RomeoyJulieta Cazadores. Cheers!#CigarSolidarity #Cigarians

Great work day with my buddy who works at #JohnsHopkins, enjoying a lovely #HoyodeMonterrey Epi 2 on his deck.

2014 #Cohiba Siglo I. I have a rule of thumb of wanting 5 years on Cohiba, I’ve sampled one a year from these and they’re getting nice! Honey, mocha flavors are strong, orange rind element is fading, getting close to my kind of balance. I bought 2 boxes and I’ll enjoy tasting them develop to their peak, I expect to make them last 10 years. #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

2012 #Montecristo #4. A super cigar, doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Cocoa and espresso and really good with 3-5 years of aging. #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

I looked #SanchoPanza up in my copy of the #MinRonNee Encyclopedia published in 2003. He gives them high praise, especially when aged 15-20 years. He mentions a salty flavor which I’ve seen from other reviews, but I don’t taste that. The rich history of Habanos and limited number of brands, plus efforts to keep the flavors and blends consistent over years, is very appealing to me and makes this whole adventure fascinating, beyond the sensual pleasure of smoking. #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

I enjoy aged cigars, spotted these 1999 #SanchoPanza Molinos and took a chance. A gamble since sticks from that era can be plugged, plus I haven’t smoked a SP in years, and didn’t know if they aged well. 42 RG and 6.5 inches, a Cervantes like a Monte 1. See the multiple pics. Halfway through my first, I’m loving it. Medium bodied with intense spice, like nutmeg or cinnamon, wood and earth, a very prominent aftertaste I can’t name but I like. Burn and draw are perfect. It’s amazing that a 19 year old cigar can retain such intense flavor. Very pleased! #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

2004 #Cohiba Panatela. Honey and vanilla, a touch of mocha, at 14 years none of the citrus peel tartness I notice in Cohibas even with 6-7 years. I just have a few left 😢 Cohibas have gotten ridiculously expensive but I might find a bargain on these #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity #OrangeBlossoms Florida

After a full week of busy days, i craved two things tonight: a #Bolivar Royal Corona (this is a 2014 and it is perfect) and an #OldFashioned with #RedemptionRye. But not the damn fruity Old Fashioned most bars serve. Just a great 95% rye whiskey, a few drops of #AngosturaBitters, and a tiny bit of #DemeraraSugar with some ice. No damn muddled fruit and cherries and oranges floating around, come on my friends! I found someone who agrees with me http://oldfashioned101.com/ #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity I’m gonna need a refill!

#Vegueros Mananita from 2014. I loved the tins these came in, flavors have improved with some age. An ok smoke but nothing I’d buy again, so many better choices. #Cigarians #CigarSolidarity

Lovely view from a rooftop bar in St Pete. Great food and drinks. Wish it was cigar friendly!

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