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Shannon McGonagle 

Ending the best week of my life and beginning the next in the most incredible place in the world. #NeverLeaving

When you go to the beach instead of sitting at LAX for your layover and get absolutely obliterated by a wave #NewOutfit #Cambodia

Maybe by Hannah's birthday this year I'll be this tan & not fat again 🤷🏻‍♀️ #DayOnes #WorldLaughterDay

The only present you're getting from me is a huge box of Beanboozled jelly beans #HBD #Bitch

Maybe one day one of us will run the marathon instead of coming solely for the purpose of getting shitfaced and eyeballing hot cops.

Chicks are friends, not food. 🐣

I don't have a pic of myself from my 21st birthday but at least the sunrise looked beautiful on April 9th, 2017.

Before I got spanked by this double bottle of moscato #SloppyShannon #IDontKnowHer

Tongues out for the boys #ILost40PoundsThenIFound20ofThem

Happy birthday to these two beautiful ladies who I miss being freshman hoes with so much that I had to dig this pic up from the depths of my VSCO #WhyAmIKissingAFish #628 #ThatsNot628ButYouKnowWhyISaidIt 🇧🇷💞

Just found this pic in my recently deleted #OneMansTrashIsAnotherMansTreasure

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