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Pouncey Pants Ph.D  Bengal Cat and Occasional Critters. Pennsylvania USA

Pouncey found this pretty Dogwood tree and wanted to climb all over it really bad. However the way the lower branches are made it difficult to get a good grip on the trunk. So I just kneeled down and Pouncey runs, jumps on my shoulder, then up into the tree. #Teamwork

Taken shortly before Pouncey attacked an imaginary Wildebeest. Thing's can be tough out here. And even though an imaginary Wildebeest is a sizable prey for such a small cat, his imaginary hunger was too great. Unfortunately my imaginary photos of the kill are far to graphic for instagram.

When your trying to use the front facing camera but you don't have opposable thumbs only furry paws and things aren't going well.

Oh, hello there!
Finally got the chance to meet @nala_cat and get some shots at the @cpcatconvention in New Jersey last month. Such a sassy little diva who really knows how to work the camera. Enjoyed finally meeting her wonderful owners @pookie_n and @shannonellis808. Shannon will text me from time to time photos of snakes and lizards she finds around the house for me to identify. I've always enjoyed that she thinks of me when finding critters and doesn't hurt them.

Never posted about going to New Jersey last month for the Catsbury Park Cat Convention (@cpcatconvention @catsburypark). Had a great time got to see some old friends and make some new ones too. This was also my first time meeting The Klaus of @oskar_the_blind_cat, he's such a character and so laid back. He's one very cool cat. #TBT

Scream it loud, it's #Tacotonguetuesday!

More from last nights adventure. Mostly just Beaver but some bonus Opossum in there too.

Out for a walk with Pouncey the other night and he found this Pygmy Shrew (Sorex hoyi). I didn't want him hurting it so I caught it and moved it away. The Pygmy Shrew is the smallest mammal in North America and second smallest in the world (Etruscan shrew is the smallest). They have an incredibly high metabolism with a heart rate of 800bpm. Because of the high metabolism they need to eat (mostly bugs) every 10-15 minutes both day and night. If they go without food for even an hour they'll die or a simple loud noise can give these little guys a heart attack.

Part 4 of 4. The Ride Home.

Part 3 of 4. The Waterfall

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