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Get Closer with your furry friends with ProDiet that is made with 100% Real Seafood. Hence, creating a longer lasting and happy memory between your cat and your family.🐱❤️👨‍👩‍👦

Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd has just won the Outstanding SME Golden Bull Award on 20th July, one of the country’s most representative business awards in Malaysia!

We are honoured to be awarded as the winner of this year’s Golden Bull Award, which is also the 15th Anniversary of the award itself.
This award has proven that we are growing and still have the capacity and potential to grow further.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartiest appreciation to all our supporters who have led us to this achievement and we ensure that we will continue provide uncompromised nutritional products for pets ensuring your lovely fur kids are able to enjoy healthy & satisfied diet! #PetWorldMarketing #gba #iloveprodiet #prodietmalaysia #prodiet #petfood #throwback #cat #catfood

ProDiet is proud and honoured to receive one of the most prestigious business awards in Malaysia, the Superbrands Award 2018.
We would like to Thank our supporters who support us continuously! We can’t be achieving this height without YOU guys!
These awards further strengthen our foothold in the pet food business and motivated us than ever in continuing to surpass the expectations of our supporters. We definitely look forward to continue this awesome journey with all YOU awesome peoples!
Thank you for continuously support ProDiet and we hope to reach a greater heights with YOU awesome people!
#ProDiet #SuperBrand #SuperBrandAward #GetCloser #ThankYOU #StayAwesome

ProDiet memberi Ikan Segar kepada Si Comel anda! Dapatkan ProDiet 85g anda Sekarang!

ProDiet memastikan bahan utama kami adalah Ikan Segar! Dapatkan ProDiet 85g anda sekarang!

Go ahead, try ProDiet® now because we gives your cat uncompromised nutrients necessary for all stages of your cats life, from it kitten stage till it's senior age, for a long lasting life with you!

Kami menggunakan Ikan Segar sebagai bahan utama kami untuk mencipta makanan seimbang dan berkhasiat untuk si manja anda! Dapatkan ProDiet 85g anda di pasaran terdekat anda Sekarang!

ProDiet 85g boleh didapati dalam 8 jenis perisa di pasaraya terdekat anda! Jangan melepasi peluang ini!

12.12 Online Sales is back! Do not miss this online special!

Tiada yang boleh menghalang ProDiet dari memberi Si Comel anda ikan Segar!

We use Real Fish as our main ingredient to create a balanced and nutritious meal for your cat!

We Wish all Malaysian Selamat Hari Merdeka.
Lazat Tak Terkata, Si Comel Pasti Ceria!

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