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ProBuilt Professional Lighting 


@probuiltlighting announces the all new ProLight™ 6000 Series. This new series produces 6,000 lumens at 42 watts due to the energy efficient, high-output LEDs utilized. Drawing only .4 amps and rated as IP55 for outdoor use, the ProLight™ 6000 can keep the job site safe and bright while providing the ultimate energy savings. ⠀

This new series can be purchased in a number of different configurations including the Head Only, with the Floor Stand, with the Magnetic Sled, on a Tripod or a Dual Head with a Tripod. Developed for the professional tradesman, the ABS housing and polycarbonate lens make this light durable enough for even the harshest conditions.⠀

Find out more here: http://bit.ly/pl6khd⠀

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@probuiltlighting announces the new ProLight™ 100 & ProLight™ 200 LED Rechargeable Work Lights. The ProLight™ 100 & ProLight™ 200 are the first of their kind for ProBuilt with a removable, rechargeable battery. Three modes combined with magnetic feet, LED technology, IP65 rated and a USB charging port gives you the versatility to work in any conditions.⠀⠀
The ProLight™ 100 delivers 800 lumens on high, while delivering 400 lumens on medium and 200 lumens on low. The ProLight™ 200 delivers 1,700 lumens on high, 850 lumens on medium and 425 lumens on low. With a max runtime of 12 hours on low and 3 hours on high, the LED battery indicator light will always let you know just how much runtime you have left. ⠀⠀
This light also features a 180° pivoting head, allowing for a bright white floodlight beam and an even spread of light. The USB charging port, located on the bottom of the battery, allows you to charge your cell phone should it die on you out on the jobsite. Four magnets on the bottom of the unit, that act as feet, will allow you to place these lights in various areas that have metal for overhead or hands-free operation.⠀⠀
Another big advantage of these lights is the removable, rechargeable battery. You now have the option to have multiple batteries, allowing one to always be fully charged so you’ll never be in the dark.⠀⠀
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@probuiltlighting announces the all new ProLight™ 4ft LED Shop Light. This new shop light grows ProBuilt’s newest category or LED Utility Lighting. This new LED Shop Light provides energy-efficient task lighting for utility applications in workshops, garages, manufacturing shops and many more. ⠀

With the removable power cord and integrated ports, this light allows you to link up to 10 units together off of one plug in. A rigid yet lightweight aluminum body design and low-profile lighting design make it easy quickly replace existing fixtures by using the included chain and “S” hooks for ease of installation. The integrated LED’s are energy efficient and cost effective while still delivering 4,500 lumens and 42 watts of power. You’ll be guaranteed to never be left in the dark again.⠀

Click here for more details: http://bit.ly/pbledshop⠀

#led #iwantthat #cooltools #lights #probuilt #prolight #jobsite #necessitynotaccessory #necessity #constructionlife #construction #contractor #generalcontractor #build #renovation #custombuild @pr0f0t0

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What will we come out with next?? @probuiltlighting announces the all new ProLight™ LED Drop Light. This LED Light provides bright light wherever you need it, with a magnet on the back to attach to anything metal and a hook on the top that rotates a full 360 degrees, this light lets you easily attach this versatile work light overhead to give you clear illumination for your next project. It also includes a 12-amp receptacle on the bottom for convenience when working with other corded products. Click here to find out more: http://bit.ly/pldroplight⠀

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Look how far we've come from the first #wobblelight! #tbt

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At the end of the day, the ProBuilt ProLight 360 is an outstanding area light. It's got the build quality to last on tough jobsites along with the output to give you a wide effective lighting area.
It does its best work mounted overhead, but with the floor stand and magnets, it's very effective in multiple mounting positions. When you're working on a specific section of a jobsite, I recommend you use the ProLight 360 for safety lighting and grab one or two XLE series lights to illuminate where you need to see more detail.
At $495, these lights aren't cheap, but they're well-built and bright. They can easily replace two or more other area lights you're currently using, so consider that against the price.
Check out the full article at www.protoolreviews.com
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@probuiltlighting announces the all new #ProLight 35 Watt & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights. The #ProLight #LED Dusk-to-Dawn lights are the energy efficient replacement for the 150w High Pressure Sodium Dusk-to-Dawn Lights. These are an easy, maintenance free solution to outdoor area lighting needs for commercial and agricultural applications. ⠀

These lights are Ideal for use outdoors to illuminate large areas of property. The 35 watt LED light produce 3,850 lumens and only draws .4 amps while the 55 watt LED light produces 6,050 lumens and only draws .6 amps...⠀

Visit this link to learn more: http://bit.ly/2vMCdfi⠀

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@probuiltlighting has the only 80 watt LED Longneck Hang-A-Light on the market. This all new design is the first of its kind in the market place. With its sleek longneck base, its round luiminaire area and 7,600 lumens, this light is going to give you the 360 degree, directional lighting that you’ve been looking for. Read more here: http://bit.ly/80wlnhal⠀

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Did you know that @probuiltlighting has an LED Dock Light? The ProLight™ 20W Dock Light features a high powered 20 watt LED head, delivering 1,700 lumens and a 15° beam angle. It also features a durable 40″ steel arm to provide superior rigidity and prevent sagging. Arms are hinged for easy extension and compact folding when not in use. With a 60 foot lighting range, this dock light will be sure to light up even the longest trailer for efficient loading and unloading. Read more here: http://bit.ly/20wdl⠀

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@probuiltlighting announces ALL NEW Wobblelight® V3 LED. This all new light has the same great patented, self-righting technology with a new look. Still ideal for applications requiring temporary high output lighting for areas up to 75 feet in diameter.⠀

This new look features an integrated carry handle for ease of portability, LED panel technology producing 15,000 lumens, 200 watts, rated for temperatures as low as -40° F, an integrated cord to give the unit a “Suitable for wet locations” (IP55) rating, an On/Off Switch, and an integrated hoist/security point. ⠀

Developed for the professional tradesman, the all new Wobblelight® V3 LED is durable enough for the harshest conditions.⠀


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@probuiltlighting announces the new ProLight™ 360° Industrial Light Kit. The new 360° LED work light produces 15,000 total lumens. This light gives the option to be a full 360° light or a 180° light by utilizing two independent switches on the bottom of the base, ⠀
each side producing 7,500 lumens. ⠀

The LEDs are temperature rated at 5,000 Kelvins and produce a clean ⠀

white light that is easy to work next to. The LEDS are rated for over 50,000 hours of lamp life so you will never need to change a light bulb again. With no hot surfaces, the ProLight™ 360° Industrial Light can keep the job site safe and bright while only drawing .7 Amps per side and only 1.4 when fully powered, providing ultimate energy savings. ⠀

Tested and rated to the highest standards, the ProLight™ 360° Industrial Light is cUL listed for wet locations and has an IP65 rated housing. What’s more is this light is packed with all of your needs in mind. The kit comes with a floor stand, two rare-earth magnets, a hook for hanging overhead and a tripod adapter. Developed for the professional tradesman, the steel construction makes the ProLight™ 360° Industrial Light durable enough for the harshest conditions.⠀


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