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This is me trying to walk in the Right direction and stopping to give what’s behind me one last 👋🏽 😁 This is LIFE. Shit Happens. You Live, You Learn & You Move On. Learning that nothing in this life other than the one we have, is ours. We own nothing, so why hold on to anything. I would also like to apologize to my supporters for my absence, It’s never my intent to let you down but, shit happens lol. I speak from that heart cause that’s all I know, I’m driven by passion & when I don’t feel passionate about something anymore I’m not the one to fake it so I decided to take some time off to refocus. We all should do that from time to time, disconnect from people and connect with yourself. I think what separates me from most people is that I was never scared to speak my mind no matter what the repercussions were. I kinda let social media suppress that when it should’ve be the opposite. What I’m saying is that I not only Love to make you laugh, but also make you Think. Influencing the current generation & the next, spreading love, knowledge & consciousness Thank you to all my supporters thus far & to my new ones.. Damn, y’all missed some shit! 😂 looking forward to a fruitful future with you all 🙏🏽♥️


I know I’m late but I hope everyone had a Blessed Day! ❤️✌🏽#HappyEaster #OriginalBetty #GoodVibes

It’s The Weeknd 🙌🏽 Get it?

How do you like your coffee? #tbt

Your Luck vs. My Luck “ When Hollering at a girl “ #iSwearThisisMyLife #DontLookAtMyFace #LookAtMyHeart #Prnc

Betty’s never happy 🙄..

How Betty minds other people’s business when she’s bored..

2 Days & Counting! 😂 GOOD MAWNIN!

Why I don’t watch Bollywood movies..

When your mom finds the Juan..


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