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Priysha Bajaj  An indescribable thought. A wordless poem. A breathless breeze. Confusion is the soul of my being and my goal to ease.


If the sound of water is all you hear, that subdued bickering of sorts with intermittent lashing against the rocks..
Perhaps there's a little heaven somewhere near, look for it in the sea, afloat the waters it maybe..it maybe in the warmth of sun on your arms or playful wind in your hair..or is it the vast expanse of this blue farm, infinite, or in its depth so rare that wields a charm so philosophical that what you see is beyond magical..

Throwback Throw up. Wish I could turn back time to this day and .. .. ..#bride #wedding

The ruins.

Fallen like a broken twig, I have been so invisible. Trampled and dragged through barren lands, I have been so unliveable. Caressed at times, at times fondled, I have felt so wanted. With gleam in eyes, I have held on undaunted. I have raised my spirits to the sky but my strength my vigour was all a lie. Fearsome of unseen, I toggled back. I had looked for peace but what I found was black. I know the fright of loosening grip and the landless sight beneath the feet. "Oh damn, I erred", loud I proclaimed. In silence of disgust I remained and wondered how long I have been on a run. To lose and lose but nothing to gain. Then like a beam of light in darkness, I heard from the gallows of my soul. Oh damn, I erred, loud I proclaimed. In silence of hope, i remained and wondered how long I have been on a run and over and over been just human. I stood up and forgave, took another plunge into the sea, the vastness of which is another opportunity. To find that voice in blood and bones from the gallows of my soul. #sea #selfintrospection #poetry

Atop mountains of green, amidst fluttering salt soaked breeze, have you tried gazing beyond the zenith, of waters whose limitlessness is all but an unconvincing myth? Raging like a furore in white, ever so harsh in all it's might, ever so soft as froth to touch, a sight to my young eyes that lulls the tempest I nurture inside!

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