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Priya Wal 

My baby boo turned 1. I love you Amyra. Congratulations to the mommy n daddy. She is adorable.


Can we love the same love twice?
Can we ever break up with a soulmate?
People go to great lengths trying to find themselves
I stand still waiting to lose myself
In you
With you
The world a blur
While I am swept away
By you
All over again
Sketch credits #amitaarts @amitachandekar

Yellow is the new white

Paint my love


I wonder if you ever think of me..
In moments of quietness
Do I ever barge in
Do you let me stay
Or do you brush me away
Before I settle
And thereby unsettle you.
I speak to you still
As if you are still by my side
Every time there is something to share.
And since I know all that you would say in return
I hear your voice coming from deep within my heart.

Sketch credits #amitaarts @amitachandekar

When with monkeys be the biggest monkey.

Let your light shine on

Fathers and daughters

Papa I want to be a star.
I want to touch the moon.
When I grow big I want to drive a rocket.
I want to play cricket and hit a six"
Chattered the 4 year old girl
Perched on her fathers shoulders.
"You can be and do anything you want darling"
Said he and wishfully slowed his pace
Hoping he could buy more time
For the world to change
And not tell her who she couldn't be.

Sketch credits #amitaarts @amitachandekar

My dad lying to me that he is only having "lassi" at the airport at 12 noon.


Do the oceans between us
Still not dilute what I feel ?
Is distance irrelevant
Once your heart has chosen?
Sometimes the greatest love stories can never be told.
If only I had been enough
For you to be brave
For you to stay.
Don't ever look back now
To see me pick up the pieces
They will never become the person you used to know.

Sketch credits #amitaarts @amitachandekar

The journey

We are born alone and we die alone. All that's in between is a lot of turbulence with patches of good weather.

Sketch credits #amitaarts @amitachandekar

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what an ad..for a water park!

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