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Deanna Daughtry  Songwriter 📍Nashville Married to @chrisdaughtry Get @Daughtry Cage to Rattle album & listen to “As you Are” it’s a special song we wrote together 💕

This person has hacked & stolen all of my sisters photos so if you have Bloodstone Kate on your followers or friends list delete and block. To help prevent this use two factor authentication and change your passcodes frequently because #somepeoplesuck

This is one of my two beautiful nieces. I remember rocking her in a rocking chair when she was a baby and now she’s this beautiful woman! 😩

I survived this day!!!! I feel this deserves an award or at least a standing ovation but whatever. #bedtime #isurvivedthisday #ithinkihadthesameglassesin1990 #bigglassesbettertoseeyouwith

Just had to rescue this hummingbird who couldn’t find it’s way out of my garage. If this happens to you just put a rake near it, it will fly on and sit till you get it outside. This picture is magnified it was a tiny little thing. ❤️ #hummingbird #hummingbirdrescue

In today’s episode of “Insects on my House” we have the green stick insect. This is a real insect. Noah touched it and startled the poor thing so of course I felt bad for it & carefully put it on a leaf on my hydrangeas but since I’m the sappiest of all the saps I feel the need to take care of the thing and have to keep myself from checking on it every 5 min. I’m definitely not this way with all insects. #insectsofinstagram


I finally got to see @greatestshowman and it is absolutely amazing. Of course me being me I cried a lot but it was fantastic. #thegreatestshowman #beyou #befree #asyouare #iamwhoimmeanttobethisisme

I’m both confused and intrigued by this event. I’ll have to try not to miss it next year. #nashville #tomatoartfest #forevercurious

Today was challenging & exhausting but I know that I can handle anything thrown my way because I’ve been through much harder days. I know that everything is working for me not against me, even if sometimes it feels the opposite is true. I know I’m not really alone in this world even though sometimes it can feel like I am. We all have bad days but we can choose to turn things around by shifting our focus & looking for things to be thankful for instead of focusing on all the ways today sucked or all the ways we didn’t meet our own or others expectations. #changeyourmindset #focusonthepositive #youcanhandleit #youarestrongerthanyouthink

I love me some toast! This one has almond butter, hemp seeds, blueberries & strawberries. Yummy goodness. #toast #plantbased #morningsnack

@therosepepper this is fantastic 😂

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