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Kabita's parents are barely literate but she wanted to write her name.She had no idea why her name was Kabita but she wanted to write about her friendship with Papai,Buri and Kaga mama.She didn't mind using the old soft drink bottle instead of a new water bottle neither was she bothered to carry the old school bag but she made sure that she put a brand new brown paper cover to protect her seconed hand book as it was her first priority.

Some discernible shades draped the city streets today.Kolkata 2018

The artists final touch before the Vishwakarma idols role out tomorrow.Kolkata 2018.

Dreaming about the good times to come.Kolkata 2018.

Every household in Kumartuli,the clay artists locality in north Kolkata is a complex combination of uncertainity and artistry.

A month and a few left to go for the the biggest festival in this part of the world and its spirit could well be felt in the streets of Kolkata.2018.

Multicolored layers and the city streets.Kolkata 2018

Golden moments on a rainy day,I just had one.Kolkata 2018.

One moment with colours and textures.Kolkata 2018.

We all make an effort to relax.Kolkata 2018.

Love blooms as life goes on

Our last twilight at Neyshabour.2018.

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