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Prism  Oh hi

Long time no see!! Hello it’s me
School has been an ass! I can’t promise uploading art consistently but I am working on a few things that’ll hopefully be done soon
Anyways! Some really old request things for a few ppl

I have been working on this drawing for ddays not bc its difficult to do but bc art block has been ssssuch as ass
Well!! Some fanart?? Sort of idk for @plasmartzz of tttheir lovely two fr kiddos

Hi lol this is Echo and she’s mean :))) And yes I have more art to post let me just finish my homework-

Final drawing of the day
Idk what this is tbh
A gryphon?? Based on a secretary bird?? I considered keeping them as an oc, but ultimately decided it was a bad idea
So an adopt I guess?? I mean, if anyone wanna offer for them be my guest
If not then enjoy the bird :)))

Another predacon!! Surprise
This is Bluesting
Shes based on a tarantula hawk
Imagine if one of those was a robot dragon
That’s basically her
She enjoys Solarblaze’s company (though she hates admitting it)

This is Solarblaze aka Sol
Well, his altmode
I’ll probably finish his other mode in like never
All that’s important for now is that he’s dramatic over his finish just like Knockout
And he’s friends with Bluesting

It’s alive!!! Hello I’m not dead
Back with some owed art, this is for @nightmun_arts (if you need closeups dm me)

Design trade with @dragonstuck
Really proud of this one?? Again might’ve gone too overboard with the design hh
But hope you like em!! Second slide has their nice big pink wings!!
I can dm you closeups if you’d like, just let me know!

Why is it so blurry >:((( Anyways! Another design trade (spoiler alert, I have three more to do) for @stars.rhyolite
I love them so much aggafhh but if there’s something you don’t like, (i am aware I went a little too crazy for this ones design) feel free to change it!

My part of a design trade with @suolainensilakka
You should check them out!! Their part was so mf good aaa

Chumby man
He’s,, he’s also a predacon what a colorful guy

Owed art for @_auroras_arthoard_ !! Sorry you had to wait so long hhh
Turned out not as expected but mmm still hope you’re okay with it?

My half of an art trade withhh @the_beastiary !! Not a big fan of this, but I figured I’ve made you wait long enough hhh
Sorry if I got the colors wrong!! Traditional refs often make the colors funky

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