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I ssspent quite a while on this
Fanart ig for @suolainensilakka of herrr Predababe Snowstar
I really like how it turned out?? Gosh I can’t draw transformers for shit but I like drawing predacons

Fanart for @cascading_coffee
Well, more like a request but I wanted to finish it anyways
But Spazz is so cute?? I feel like I didn’t do them enough justice but here you go

One half of what I owe to @_auroras_arthoard_
Don’t worry I am working on your other fullbody!! This is like,, the first time I’ve drawn a pony in like yyyeears so I think it came out okay

Request and commission for @digitalis.tea
Sorry it came out a lil funky

Tfa Jazz is a gift

Ooweee d a. R t is h. H aa r. D
But I can’t complain these were pretty fun to do
I already tagged these peeps on another app so I’m not gonna do it again (unless they ask me to)

Now although some of you might not like the idea, here's what this contest is about:
Designing a character!
Now I have been planning to write a story
And like any normal story, it needs a protagonist
His name is Armono, but every design I've made of him just doesn't work for me
Here's his most recent "reference"
You can use this as help
The whole point is, is that you design an updated version of him
There really aren't much Use whatever colors you like for him, though it is preferable that you keep some brown and/or orange on him
Nothing too bright! Nothing too dull either
This is just something you guys can go crazy with!
You don't have to follow the picture, it is optional
Add whatever you like, colorful tails, excessive markings, spikes everywhere, as long as it fits the criteria, it's good!
Some personality information/things that could also help:
Armono is a member of a royal family and a general, so he isn't weak or cowardly
He is a leader by blood and he isn't afraid to show it
Although he may seem scary, he is fair and kind to his followers and fierce to his enemies
Soooo prizes!
1st place: 150 DA points, two fullbodies, three headshots and a bust
2nd place: 100 DA points, one fullbody, two headshots, and a bust
3rd place: 50 DA points, two headshots
It's not much but hey! It's something
Annnnnd the due date is: June 12th (extensions can be made, please let me know beforehand)
If you do plan to join, please comment below! I will be making a list and keeping track (cause I'm trying to be more organized woo) and if you end up wanting to back out, then that's fine too! Just let me know
Sorry if this seems a bit disorganized
The last time I tried to host a contest was about a year or two ago whoops
Edit: UGH how do you separate the McFreaking words I’m pissed
Edit 2: Tag your entries to #redesignthisbitch

This my girl,, Euclea
She’s old and she loves you that’s all you need to know

Commissions for @/melonst on Wattpad

Two refs of sssome of my good kids
First Prism! I think I might’ve already shown a ref of her here but redesigning is fun right
Then Favi! Who’s a character I got from a raffle ages ago and I’ve never used and they’re just so pretty why haven’t I used them

This is Overburn! •
I decided to make a Tf oc (Even though I doubt I’ll use them) and I actually like how he came out!
He’s an Ex-Decepticon that’s just a nice awkward guy trying to l i v e
I haven’t developed him too much, all I really know is that he just wants to learn to be social
Before the war, his Amica (grounder named Kint) would drag him along to all sorts of adventures
But after she was killed he kinda just
Stopped being himself
Poor dude!
So yea, Overburn is finally done!

A sir named Armono

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