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Priscila García-Jacquier  half arepa 🇨🇴, half baguette 🇫🇷 • writer • host of @quierotheshow What You Need to Know About Immigration 👇🏽

“arguably the most recognizable public art installations in the country.” proud amie pour toujours. @geronimo.

it’s been a minute since i crouched in a bathroom for a selfie

here’s how you can be a better ally in your storytelling. follow @quierotheshow for more. #IGstorygems

She’s saved me from my own worst nightmare. She’s taught me to chase momentum and make decisions based on what I want and nothing else. She’s taken me to the ballet, challenged my beliefs. She’s the kind of friend who gets off a flight and immediately picks up a gluten free cake on the way to your birthday dinner. She was also the first person to tell me Kylie Jenner was pregnant. I love this friendship. I love this woman. Happy birthday you bad b. I love you infinitely.

Stop everything! I wrote movies and they made it into a festival! 🎞 .
Breaking my insta fast to congratulate these amazing women behind the camera— @pennypeinippc + @muselee0520. It was an honor to write these projects and I am thrilled to see them go forward! A million congrats to the @sweetieshortfilm and @exeuntmovie teams. 🎥🎞💡#NYLFF #LatinaWriter #Heyyyyyy

To friendship just because. ☀️🌙
To that I can do anything with you, kind of love. She’s who I protect my energy with. She also holds me accountable to my goals and not just to what comes easy. Here’s to telling her everything about all the things I want to do with this lifetime and being supported through it all. @deneebenton, I love you girl.

gonna channel whatever alien energy I had going on during this weekend’s shoot and jump into this week 👽👽

Final installment of Season 1 featuring the one and only, Lorena Russi. 📍 Full episode on YouTube. link in bio. #QuieroTheShow

Take care of one another. 💔

If you are in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting ‘Home’ to 741741. 💔

Oh man. FORBES. 😭💘

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