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PRINT SEA : SWIM FABRIC DESIGN  SHYANNE CLARKE • @shyanneclarke @lightheartandtheocean ✖️✖️CUSTOM ✖️✖️Download '5 things to know before starting a swimwear label'

Saturday night fam drawing sessions 🌊 wave ring @spindriftcollections

With shells in my pockets + curiosity in my fingertips, I smile my face at the sun, receive slowness from the moon + each day brings the feel of magic. 📷 @lightheartandtheocean

Full story @lightheartandtheocean || This is what I wanted to share. It feels scary to share this part of myself BUT It also feels a bit exciting to finally let it out and stop hiding………. I've had a real fear about 'coming out' of the spiritual closet. Its so strange because when I was younger I was fine to share all over the place about believing in magic + the watered down woo woo stuff. Then when it actually got important to me + I understood it more and it was real, then I started to retract……….Not the ‘I do yoga, drink green smoothies, meditate + read affirmations’ type of spiritual closet. The ‘I read energy, channel information, communicate with aliens, grew wings, exist on other dimensions ‘ type spiritual closet.………… All through last year, I dived into the energy body, chakras, archetypes, I became a reiki practitioner, I did rituals around the moon, I met my guides and did healings on myself with a witch, an angel + a goddess. I learnt to channel, bring in light, I learnt how to be grounded (not the type of grounded when you are in trouble from your parents, more a feeling that you aren't so in your head, you're in the present moment and connected to the Earth) I saw a fairy once. I was briefly visited by a blue pleiadian ET being that felt like deep love, I learnt to read other peoples energy, I cried a lot and felt like I might have been going through some kind of menopause. I wondered if people would think I had joined a cult if they looked in at my life + if I shared any of this and if maybe I was actually going crazy even though I felt normal. I opened my heart and felt more like the real me than I ever had…….. I also took my kids to ballet, and cricket, made school lunches, celebrated at weddings, danced at girls nights, watched rom coms, kissed my husband, read chick lit, laughed hard at comedians, went to concerts, had conversations about why you need to brush your teeth + cleaned the house.
A feeling deep within is saying that its time I share this part of myself now, that I start writing about it. For what purpose? I don't know yet….. (read the full story @lightheartandtheocean

Just like me, PRINTSEA will be evolving over the next few months.............I will be sharing more of myself, more of what I know, stepping more into the whole expression of myself. PRINTSEA is her own beauty + she wants to evolve into a more encouraging + helpful tool kit base. She wants to spread her wings + help more effectively. I don’t know the full story of where she is transforming but I will be sure to share along the way............... I will most likely start stepping back creatively as a print designer, which you may have already noticed. This is so I can explore + focus my creativity in a way that feels ready for me to start expressing. It’s also so I can create as best I can for you + to help you on your sparkly journey........ some of you will come on this journey with me and some of you will decide this is where we part ways + that’s perfectly perfect............. I feel so grateful to all of you that have come into my little world here, for your love, support and help in allowing me to grow. I hope to explore this next chapter with you + be part of your chapters too............... I will put up a post next week of the little journey I have been on these last few years. I’m hoping sharing my story will help us both expand into more of our amazingly bright selves............ I will likely do a 50% discount on the PRINTSEA print library next week, as going forward it won’t be available. If any of you have had your eye on a print, this will be your time to get it. I’ll share more next week but just a heads up :) ...... have a beautiful weekend!!! 💫🐚💗

I create a lot of people’s other visions and I put a lot of pressure on myself to not make a mistake and to create perfectly. Just needed to paint with no purpose today. For me. Put on some happy beats, grounded, called in the light and didn’t have any expectation or care if it was good or not. I didn’t know I could paint like this. My favourite piece of butchers paper. When it dries I’ll rip it out and frame it.

She’s here! THE FLORAL ORACLE. She is light, fresh, uplifting + expanding. She emanates an awareness of your light and harmonises your energy. She has a healing depth, touching within, aligning and grounding. She opens a path, a thread, she leads and uplifts. @lightheartandtheocean


Did you see we COLLAB’D with swim manufacturing legends @bali.swim.wear.manufacturer to bring you this awesome PRINTSEA X BALI SWIM STARTER KIT 💫 get yours at

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with Xmas hols, kids at home + custom clients + working on a personal project that will be ready very soon. For those of you lovelies wondering when there will be some fresh prints in the library - I am working on some now that should be up next week. Here’s a sneak peak of a little floral before she gets her colourful blooms 🎨

Every time I see this label, it puts a big smile on my face. @zimzalaswim ZIMZALA it’s just so fun to say, its like happiness wrapped up in a bouquet of mermaid flowers. 📷 @kendallciro in @zimzalaswim

Having a photo shoot with these cute heads 💙💙💙

STUDIO SESSIONS : afternoon paint with my little find today, a beautiful little handcrafted glass + ruby red wine.

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