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Are #finals getting you down? #Puppies lift you up! ( Video of #pulcaninecoffee ) So #cute #princetagram #puppiesofinstagram

Need a break from studying for #finals ? Let #puppies help! So #cute. #Princetagram #puppiesofinstagram

#TellUsTigers: "Coming into Princeton, I knew I wanted to try something new. During the Activities Fair during the first week of classes, where clubs & teams are set up in Dillon Gym to tell first-year students about every extracurricular imaginable, the booth that stood out to me the most was the Ballroom Dance Club. Dancers in tail suits & beautiful dresses waltzed & cha-cha'ed across the gym floor, & I was immediately drawn to the idea of learning to ballroom dance. What started as a once-a-week study break quickly turned into a newfound love for dance. Perfecting a new step was an amazing feeling; I would spend hours in the dance studio practicing the same figure over & over again until it was just right. I am majoring in mechanical & aerospace engineering with a certificate in robotics & intelligent systems — as an engineer, I’m often asked how someone can have two such completely different passions. People are surprised to learn that engineers are drawn to ballroom because of the technicality of the sport. Dancers think about the trajectory of rise & fall in the waltz, the conservation of momentum in the fast-paced quickstep, & the equal & opposite reaction created through a handhold in the samba. Much of dance is based in physics & I love seeing the connections between my studies & my hobby. Along with about half of the members of Ballroom Dance Club, I compete at other universities in both the standard & Latin styles. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country to compete, but my favorite competition is the Princeton Ballroom Competition, which we host every October. Hundreds of dancers from all over the East coast gather in Dillon Gym to compete, & it’s always incredible to see so many students with the same love for ballroom gathered here on campus. In this photo, my partner Frank Jiang '17 (@f.f.jiang) & I are dancing the quickstep during Princeton’s 2015 competition. Learning #ballroomdance has been an incredibly rewarding endeavor, & I’ll always be thankful that #PrincetonU gave me the opportunity to try something completely new." — Devon Hartsough (@dhartsough), photo by @noelvphoto '82 *86

Rocky/Mathey chefs Michael & Rick work with senior David Graff, junior Caleb Owens & junior Charlie Hou to cook their Tiger Chef Challenge dishes (mushroom tartare & mushroom avocado mousse) for fellow students.
David, a chem major, says “cooking is similar to lab work ... it’s systematic & lends itself to a fair amount of creativity.” Chef Michael says passion for food is critical for success: “These guys have the eagerness & willingness to learn ... you can’t teach that.” Caleb, a mechanical & aerospace engineering major, says the key to winning the TCC is to “just do it, practice, & season, season, season.” Charlie, an operations research & financial engineering major, says he “likes the creative process & interpreting the ingredients. It’s a means of expression.” And the dishes? They’d make a tiger roar for more! 🐅

#Princetagram #delicious #food

Meet the next director of @ppplab -- Steven Cowley, a theoretical physicist and international authority on fusion energy

Do a Dean’s Date lunch at Prospect Gardens 🌹 #Princetagram

Have a good night, everyone. 🌙

#TellUsTigers: "I somehow got this crazy idea to move from Iceland, across the Atlantic, away from all my friends & family, to attend & play #soccer at the top university in the US. All of fall semester my first year I was sure I had made a huge mistake by coming here. My insecurities mostly stemmed from not understanding academic English very well & suddenly having to express my thoughts in a language I never actually had to speak before. One of my first memories at Princeton is sitting in math class when the instructor announced we would be reviewing integrals. I panicked. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. When she finally drew the integral symbol, I realized I had done many of those before. Luckily, with the help of my @princetonwsoc teammates, my friends & the resources Princeton offers, things quickly improved. Being the only Icelandic student at #PrincetonU, after two Icelandic grad students graduated at the end of my first year, has shaped my experience tremendously. I am many people’s first Icelandic friend. It is interesting to see how my nationality went from being completely irrelevant in a homogeneous country of less than 350,000 people, to becoming an integral part of my identity. Every day I am reminded that I am from Iceland, whether it be my friends making fun of my imperfect English, or someone asking me to repeat my name multiple times until they give up & settle for my American-friendly nickname: Goodies. My Icelandic identity is magnified on campus. Whether providing language lessons to actors in a @PrincetonArts production about a painter who exiles herself to Iceland, or showing friends pictures of me in national garb & of Iceland's landscape, I have grown to appreciate this unique part of my identity. Also, it has been valuable for me to interact with people from all over the US & the world, with different backgrounds & opinions. It has been very eye-opening. My Princeton experience has definitely influenced how I see the world & how I interact with those around me, which I know will benefit me in life outside the orange bubble." — Gudrun Jonsdottir '18 (@gudrunvaldis), computer science major, photo by @eganjimenez

@ashlynplackey talks about her #PRD18 presentation. Hear it for yourself at Princeton Research Day (Thursday, May 10, 10:30a, Frist Campus Center)

Princeton Research Day is Thursday. Join us at Frist Campus Center starting at 10:30a. #PRD18

Last day of classes! Take a break before reading period! 📖👀 #princetagram #endofsemester

#TellUsTigers: "My abuelita, my maternal grandmother, came to the United States from Puerto Rico as a young woman. In 1966, she completed her residency in internal medicine at @GeorgetownMedicine. Even as the only doctor in our family, I never got the opportunity to speak to her directly about my own aspirations to pursue a career in medicine. When she passed three years ago, I reflected fondly on the overwhelming sense of care & compassion she had toward others that undoubtedly endeared her to everyone in our family, & all whom she touched. Her legacy has shaped me to be a trailblazer — I have no doubt that as a Spanish-speaking woman in the 1960s, she was breaking through glass ceiling after glass ceiling as she trained to be a medical professional in this country, without the support of her parents & family. Her life showed me the value of conducting oneself with humility & directing a smile toward others. As her oldest grandchild, it was a blessing to be asked to give the eulogy at her funeral. It was an incredible reflective experience when I realized that much of who I am & who I want to be is owed to the wonderful influences around me. When my abuelita passed, I realized that in order to see her compassion live on in my life, I would have to intentionally live it out. And so, I wrapped that into my pursuit of a career in medicine, realizing in part, where my desire to help others has come from. Since I was 13, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. In high school I visited the Uganda Cancer Institute through House of Hope Uganda. I still think about the dire situations I saw patients face there. Unable to perform critical tumor resection surgeries on many of their inpatients, devastated doctors had to leave children tumor-laden, untreated & at the mercy of their conditions. I imagine a future where we’ve developed surgical solutions with lower operative costs & barriers to entry of treatment that we then implement in pockets of the globe that need them most." — Gaby Joseph ’18 (@gabyjoseph), a molecular biology major who will pursue a medical degree at Stanford University School of Medicine ( this fall as a @KnightHennessy Scholar

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