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RAYA  Dreamer. In love with stories. Future hockey star. Huge weakness for Captain America, poetry, and jelly beans. Currently wandering Montreal.

Got to go to preschool today and eat tons of soup and push kids on the swings.


I have like 5 million things to check off the list before I head to Oregon on Wednesday morning but it's rainy and I'm sleepy and I don't want to get off my couch. Who wants to come sweet talk me into putting shoes on and going to the laundromat? Any takers? P.S. a car alarm just went off for 30 minutes straight outside my apartment so I have no patience for anything and I'm going to look at this photo of an airport worker and pretend I already packed and cleaned and am on my way to hug my dog. #sotiredtoday

Best quiet weekend

This guy is a horrible influence I literally just bought a tree....

So many bus rides

Dizzy with possibility

Bed full of sunlight

I'm so restless today I can barely sit in one place long enough to do anything.


Stranger smoking outside the bowling alley in light rain

I talked up my bowling skills so much and then he beat me 😭 #heartbroken

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