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RAYA  Dreamer. In love with stories. Future hockey star. Huge weakness for Captain America, poetry, and jelly beans. Currently wandering Montreal.

There's something so softly sweet about adults who walk the same speed as their children instead of dragging them along or scooping them up when they run out of patience. I think my heart swelled 5 sizes watching this lady take tiny step after tiny step without a hint of annoyance for blocks on end.

A billboard advertising how great I am at doing assignments on time without waiting till the last minute!

You may be shocked to know that there are still one or two metro stations I haven't been to.

Too dark for 400

I woke up at 5:45 this morning and things have been weird ever since. You know those days when nothing is actually different and yet everything feels like it's tilted just slightly sideways, knocked a fraction out of place? I guess I'll just go back to watching Riverdale and feeling nostalgic for strange things. Come say hi or something, I swear I'm occasionally charming.

I don't know how to love things halfway, I always let them devour me.

I'm glad it smells like spring and I can wear my nice boots and gaze into puddles.

Clutter and quiet rain. Today feels like a promise.

I like how @grilledcheeseprincess is literally living it up in Portugal right now and still finds the time to text me recipes. ❤

I'm so glad my new letter board is finally here! It was a perfect reason to recite my favorite Charles Bukowski poem to the cat.

In the right lighting even my shitty apartment building looks decent. (In a not so shocking turn of events though, the dryer is still broken and my neighbors still smoke inside)

Facebook informed me that I was in San Francisco 4 years ago today, and now I'm thinking about dim sum, high tea, and the best tuna tartare I've ever tried.