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prudence kevorkian  ABDL & 24/7 DDLG bdsm lifestyler Shy Canadian♡27 Small ho tryna make it in a Big world Little/Middle Femme 18+ Prudence95@hotmail.ca ♡C4S.com/97901


What a cute idea 😄 merci to a new littlespace fashion account @littlesfashioninspo for featuring my old pink schoolgirl outfit :))
#littlespace #schoolgirluniform #infantilism #cgl #fetishmodel #legallittle #ageplayer #abdlgirl

Appreciate SD for always making me laugh & caring about my health. This is him licking the camera after licking my face 😂 unsure which of us is the grownup sometimes lol ♡ lil reminder to be safe on the internet babes ♡♡♡ Having 2k+ follows or being a young looking female doesn't immediately make a person safe to connect with! ♡ I appreciate that people want to be my friend but it does makes me nervous how quickly people divulge personal info to me unasked, especially the younger crowd- I am almost 30 so I feel hesitant to act in a super familiar way with anyone under 24ish.
I'm too lazy & agoraphobic & shy to be a predator 😅 but I Could be for all you know. I know it's tough being isolated & lonely but be careful out there with strangers on the internet- you only know the person theyre presenting themselves as. ♡
Paci was a gift from my bff, from rearz

Thanks for hanging out with me n helping me pick my outfit :) Shooting a YouTube ABDL FAQ before daddy gets home, I appreciate everyone's questions & kindness very much! ♡ feeling very bolstered & courageous ♡ 😙 hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far ♡♡♡

😢😢😢 got some stellar reviews on customs & some awesome gifts this week. Being able to get new shooting/littlespace gear to get more creative is amazing; but I totally do it for the fulfilment of creating a visual representation of someone's ultimate fantasy, whether it's sexual or not♡👐 I know it's just porn but def makes me cry in a happy way, hearing that I did a great job creating the perfect fetish video that they couldn't find anywhere else.😍🎈 #misfittoiz #abdlgirls #littlespace #daddykink
#infantalism #ageplayer #ddlgprincess #adultonesie

🙏 imo everyday should be world mental health day, but I'm greedy. Grateful to see a lot more posts about the less stereotypical illnesses like schizoaffective & personality disorders this year 😍Whenever I'm feeling particularly terrible I try to channel it into being the kind of person I needed when I was younger. I do have a mental health resources page on my site yearround, I try to add new things when I find the time but please feel free to suggest some links you've found informational/helpful. 18+ www.prudencek.com
#littlespace #daddykink #cgl #abdlgirl #fetish #adultbaby #bpdbaby #misfittoiz

I physically can't get over these ears lol seeing the little owls peeking out looking all anxious with their giant eyeballs gets me every time 😢 Feeling incredibly thankful for SD 👐 so nice to be in a cozy home & able to collect cute things / get my feet under me again for work. Thankful I get to spend the rest of this crazy year where I am♡♡ Very appreciative that this kind human adopted my salty borderline crybaby booty. 👐 ears: kittensightings luxury style onesie: littleforbig

Had an excellent time with my bff having a lilspace date♡ watched kinkyboots n dressed up n colored♡♡♡ Having dinner with my family tonight, lots of love to everyone choosing to or not to celebrate thanksgiving in Canada tonight♡♡♡ #abdl #cgl #littlespace #diaperlover #adultcoloring #diaperlovergirl #ageplayer

Editing before my playdate today♡♡♡

Xoxoxox please take care this weekend ♡ spending time with one of my little friends tomorrow before I get work done in the evening 😍 excited lady over heeere-----♡♡
#cgl #abdlgirl #fabsense #diapergirl #infantilism
#adultbabydiaperlover #misfittoi #daddykink

;x♡ xoxo @1babybrownie ty for picking my cuuuttttee outfit♡ goodnites pullup underneath 👐👼🏼
#abdlgirls #daddykink #daddydomlittlegirl #cgl
#adultbabycommunity #littlespace #clips4sale

Good morning! ♡♡♡ I really genuinely feel guilty about being so socially awkward 😥😅 was only expecting a couple of my fetish video customers to follow me so I am just totally surprised/unprepared for people to want to be my friend 😅😅 i do struggle with a personality disorder & tend to just totally avoid the people I love the most so please don't take it personally if im quiet im probably just intimidated ♡ It takes me a while to warm up 😶♡I really do want to be equally as human on here as I am about my content, I'm just shy 🙈♡ I could maybe do a mini Q&A video for 3k or something similar if you guys have anything you'd like to ask me though ♡🤗 #abdl #daddydomkitten #abdlgirl #infantilism #legallittle #rearz #adultpaci #diaperlover #cgl #daddykink #littlespace #adultbaby #bpdbaby #misfittoi

Hope you babes have a fantastic day n find a chance to get into your favorite headspace ♡ if you're a spoonie I hope your illness cuts you some slack today♡
Wore dis outfit for a 'magical forced age transformation POV' custom, it'll be up on c4s in a couple of hours. Definitely wanna redo this concept so I can perfect it 👐 if anyone is into the darker femdommy side of bdsm I have an account for that too @prudencekevorkian ♡♡ #misfittoi #cgl #mommydomme #c4s #mdlg #customvideo #fetishmodel #kink #mdlb #iwantclips #mygirlfundgirl #caregiverlittle #abdlmommy

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