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Mandi Ann Crane Ruiz  Love all the little things. Smile from your heart. Laugh until you cry. Make it count. 🦄🔮💁🏻⭐️ the_makeupkingdom

We made it to Washington!

Roads less traveled are the roads best traveled. @grotesquebeauty @lotusseki

Here we go. Our 2nd year at Shaman School. I am so blessed to walk through this journey of life with 2 of the best people I know. I love you @lotusseki @grotesquebeauty I can not wait to meet the women we are about to become! 🖤

🖤 this is the best text I have ever received! Love my job!

Happy Birthday to this beautiful human. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful soul in my life. I love you! @grotesquebeauty @hairbyjzilken

When you have to bring your own pop up to work. So you and your team don’t die a skin cancer!

Happiest of Birthdays to this wonderful soul! I love him so much! #happybirthday @keith_sayer @grotesquebeauty #glitter

Just take 60 seconds and think of yourself as a child........ The love, happiness and the excitement you have in your heart for life. are taken from your family....the one’s you love the most, the person that makes you feel safe.
You are put into a cage with other grieving children. You are scared and alone, you can’t understand what is happening and you just want your mommy or daddy.
Ask yourself how scared and traumatized would you be? are all alone in a cage and you are a child!
Then.... Imagine how YOU would feel as a mother, father or grandparent.... your child was taken from you. You can not make sure that child is safe. You don’t even know where your child is.
How would that make you feel???? Then think about what you would say to your child....I am sorry the law says... It was either be killed by the Cartel, watch your siblings get murdered, starve, etc. or you are taken away to a concentration camp on American soil? What would you tell them?
I don’t post a lot and i don’t engage in politics . BUT I JUST CAN NOT Take this anymore. My heart hurts for human’s and our planet.
If caging humans is the way we have to go “because of the law” Can we not, at the very least, let these families be in a cage together?
Have you no compassion for other humans?
Just think about how that would make YOU FEEL.... just take a moment and close your eyes. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And think about how you would feel if your most precious love was taken away!
No one human is better than the other and we can learn from each other. If we choose too. #istillhavehope and no one one can take that from me!

Please consider Timeless “Hollywoodland” for outstanding makeup in single camera series when voting for the Emmys. We all worked so hard to bring 1941 to life. Thank you! @debbiezollermakeup @richardredlefsen

My loves!

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Spirit animal feels for @princessmandiann 💅🏻🐺🌙✨| inspired by the brilliant @lauren_marshmallow 🙌🖤

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