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2 weeks overdue, but just so you know, Bryce is 9 months and won’t sit still for his pictures either. He is climbing on and off everything, standing up all by himself and saying mama and dada. He is eating grown up food now after discovering Thanksgiving. 🥘 Other things he enjoys eating include razor blades, electrical cords, safety pins (name is misleading), leaves and mulch. He still loves to throw in a surprise back arch out of your arms or a good ear piercing scream on occasion. Old folks pretend to be full of wisdom and perpetually tell me he is teething. I know they are full of something else because he has behaved this way since birth and has no teeth to show. Lol But, he absolutely melts your heart with cuteness, love and an over the top personality. He likes giving mommy kisses 💋, smiles at everyone he meets and impresses all with his pint size athleticism. He is throwing balls lefty and his daddy is super excited about it! ⚾️ Strong willed babies💪🏽become mountain moving adults. #BryceGunnar #9months #RaisingALeader #BoyMom #ImTired #babiesofinstagram

When you’re used to being a naked & tanned Floridian but now you’re a bundled & fluffy Carolinian. 9 month pics to follow soon! #VisitingGrandma #happythanksgivng #cutebaby #brycegunnar #Target #9months

When you are suave and sophisticated in your tie 👔 yet cute and country in your jeans!👖Get you a baby that can do both! #BabyBryce #BryceGunnar #7monthsold #pumpkin #cowboy #babyboots #countrycomestocape #handsome #modelbaby

Came across a picture of myself and Bryce (teeny tiny in my tummy) snorkeling in Jamaica last year. Thankful that Josh and I get to share our love for the ocean with him. Psalm 104:24-25 “O YeHoVaH, what a variety of things you have made! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures. Here is the ocean, vast and wide,
teeming with life of every kind, both large and small.” #clampass #brycegunnar #waterbaby

I’m actually almost on time with the 8 month pics. Bryce sings and makes all sorts of syllable sounds. He has discovered a new favorite snack, beach sand! He swims on over to mommy in his float, and does his best to flip out of it and has done so successfully. He’s a wee lad at about 26in and 17lbs. Dynamite comes in small packages though. It also leaves behind a trail of destruction. From clothes pulled out of drawers, unraveling toilet paper rolls, and figuring our how to turn the Xbox button on/off, there is no household item left untouched or safe. He is sensitive to other children crying. 😢Sucks his thumb and loves his blankie. #Linus #BryceGunnar #8monthsold #cutebaby #babyboy #mcm

I forgot to include the official 7 month shot with my last post, so here it is. #7monthsold #BryceGunnar #ForTheBabyBook #mombrain

So my kid is almost 8 months, but here is a glimpse of his 7 month old life. He is short and squishy which makes for great cuddling. He meets no strangers and thinks he’s one of the big kids in his walker. Ceiling fans are still entertaining! (1st pic is of him staring/smiling at fan; he does this every morning) Favorite toys are daddy’s golf clubs, mommy’s cooking spoon and stethoscope. Finally got the hang of his crawl yesterday after a month of getting stuck in a plank position. His eyes change colors every day, sometimes blue or green or hazel. Today they are grey. He is just like Linus from The Peanuts because he loves his blankie and thumb. Just finished a whole bag of mommy’s homemade spaghetti squash as she typed this. Also enjoys sips of her protein shakes. Thank God for Instagram so I know what to write in a baby book one day... hah #BryceGunnar #7monthsold #cutebaby #babylaugh #momlife

Those cheeks! Ok I’m done for now folks! #GerberPhotoSearch2018 #BryceGunnar #cutebaby #6monthsold

I know I’m biased, but dang! #GerberPhotoSearch2018 #BryceGunnar #cutebaby #6monthsold

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