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Ellen Neely Hinkle  No fear in depths and No shallow living....#mermaid

So he’s turning 7 months on Yom Kippur, which is tomorrow, but here is a 6 months recap. At his well baby visit he was 16lbs 1oz, 26 inches long, 15% for height and 17% for weight. No teeth yet. His favorite big people food so far is spaghetti squash (I know, random). Fav pastimes include: - watching the trees rustle & sway with the wind while porch sitting
-trying to grab all those mysterious disappearing bubbles
-swimming/splashing in the pool (he goes under water like a big boy)
-smiling at the old folks in the grocery store who tell him he’s such a beautiful little girl.

God blesses the world with babies so they can humble hard hearts! He has stolen mine and his daddy’s for sure! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 #BryceGunnar #BabyHinkleUno #cutebaby #modelbaby #royalbaby #prince #6monthsold @hinklejosh11

Bryce’s 6 month photo shoot! Mommy is trying out her amateur photography skills and old photoshop tricks! He is so confused on who to cheer for thanks to his crazy parents and their competition issues. Happy game day everyone! #6monthsold #SouthCarolina #Gamecocks #Clemson #Tigers #footballseason #cutebaby #modelbaby #royalbaby #BryceGunnar #BabyHinkleUno #halfayearold

So he is almost 6 months and we were renovating our house for most of month 5. Finally got the 5 month crib shots after daddy put it back together, sort of. He’s happy in his new house. 14lbs of cuteness and strong will. He has started some big people food but is not too sure about it yet. Prefers eating the spoon 🥄 instead. Enjoys sitting up and playing with toys. Still yells if the whole focus and attention is not on him every hour of every day as it should be. (I’ve heard this doesn’t change lol) He’s a ham! #BryceGunnar #5monthsold #RoyalBaby #cutebaby #jonjonsuit #seersucker #southerngentleman #greytrim #fixerupper

My little guy turned 5 months old yesterday. He is enjoying his Floridian fashion. Summer year round means lots of swimsuits, golf outfits, and Jon Jon suits! Bryce loves playing with his toys, swimming in the pool, laughing when his belly is tickled, and screaming bloody murder when he doesn’t get his way. He also enjoys the look of horror on people’s faces when mommy doesn’t react to his loud demands. It’s his world and we are just living in it. #5monthsold #Flordian #BryceGunnar #capecoralflorida #babyhinkleuno #underarmour #cutebaby *UPDATE: He rolled over by himself for the first time right after I posted this...🙄

My favorite picture from my last show in SC. Surrounded by precious babies telling me their life stories. Bryce had a big week. His first Independence Day, attending going away get togethers, and traveling over 3 states. He outwardly shows the same emotions mommy is feeling on the inside. #BryceGunnar #WeArentInCarolinaAnymore #Americanbaby #Cowboyboots #USofA #countrycomestotown #carolinagirl #emotional #countrycomestocape #capecoral #capecoralflorida #babyfaces

Obligatory Miss SC post since it’s that time of year. Leaving my home state in a week. Packing and looking back at pictures of all the things I did here. Can’t believe how cool I was. Full of sass with the flip phones and tweed interview suits. To all my dancing babes it does get better. As you can see I was born with perfectly pointed feet, amazing turn out, and straight #nostolgia #biscuitfeet @biscuitballerina #misssouthcarolina @missamericasc #mypoorparents #endurance #sassy #princessprobs #littlemountain⛰ #peachqueen 🍑 #potatoqueen 🥔

My kid is cute. He got to see his Aunt Tammy and Uncle Tim while mommy unloaded. #brycegunnar #babyhinkleuno #handsome #oliveskin #ruger #pewpew #mamabear

“Hello, my name is Mister Needy McNeedy Pants Jr. I’m 4 months old now. The doc says I’m 13lbs 3oz and in the 8th percentile for weight. But that’s okay. My mom likes me to stay little so I don’t hurt her back when I want to be held and loved constantly. I’ve been sleeping through the night since 8weeks old cuz mommy got tired of my bad attitude and sleep trained me. I laugh at her when I’m happy and stomp my foot at her when I’m mad. I am strong-willed just like her so I know I’m going to do great things!” #BryceGunnar #babyhinkleuno #4monthsold #babylaugh #cantankerous #ionlylovemybedandmymommaimsorry @hinklejosh11

Bryce and I love all the daddies! Thanks for preparing a house for us Josh! #fathersday #fixerupper #brycegunnar #babyhinkleuno #babylaugh

Emotional weekend as I gave my final recital performance at Turning Pointe this weekend. I have been teaching dance in Lexington, SC since I was 16 years old. Dance is wonderful, but the best part is using this art form to mentor young girls. On the way to the theatre, one of my students told me that she hated school. I informed her that there are places in this world where GIRLS AREN’T ALLOWED to go to school. Many are oppressed and considered property, some are slaves, and others are in poverty stricken areas with no access to a school. They will never have an opportunity to take dance lessons or perform on a big stage. She looked at me with surprise and astonishment. I told her that to whom much is given, much is required, so go take the knowledge and talents you’ve been given and change the world. With all that being said, I haven’t had a chance this past week to address the Miss America changes. Removing portions of the competition does nothing to help women empowerment. Get real folks, all that does is steal our fun. It’s okay to get dressed up and feel pretty. It’s okay to wear a swimsuit and feel confident. It’s okay to be a girly-girl and feel glamorous. Again, there are places in this world where GIRLS AREN’T ALLOWED to do these things! If you really want to make a difference get out there and go help a girl in need! Every queen knows she must be a servant first! Oh and I wore my Miss SC competition bikini today just because I can. 👙 #MissAmerica1.0 #QuitBikiniBashing #EmpoweredWoman

Turning Pointe’s 2018 show will be next weekend! Come join me for two wonderful nights of worship. Rehearsing “Speak to Me” by @karijobe #dance #worship #performingarts #pointe @turningpointecentreforthearts

We’ve been so busy we are late posting for Memorial Day. Bryce and I are so grateful for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We can fly over those fly over states with peace of mind. The journey of motherhood can cause the bravest of hearts to feel very vulnerable. Thank you service men and women for defending the defenseless. We said a special prayer for all the families remembering this time with heavy grief. What a beautiful legacy our heroes have left behind. #MemorialDay #NeverForget #brycegunnar #firstflight #USA

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