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Ellen Neely Hinkle  No fear in depths and No shallow living....#mermaid

Doodled this on the plane ride home from #Israel last year. #Prophetic image of some #watchman (women) on the wall. They are literally in the walls of #Jerusalem ministering over the nation. Read Isaiah 62. From the viewer’s left to right. Susanne is holding a scroll and a sword. The word of ‎יְהוָֹה was written on scrolls and is sharper than a two-edged sword. Beenay is raising a banner of love over the people and bringing healing balm/anointing oil. I’m blowing a #shofar declaring Yeshua’s coming return with a sickle ready to swing, for the fields are ripe with harvest. Mary Kristi has a #menorah (in our English bibles it’s called a 7 lamp stand) bringing the light to expose the darkness. She also has royal scepter and is able to hold it out to people for salvation. Just as the king held it out to save Esther’s life when she petitioned him in his court. Love these ladies and praying daily for the #peace of Jerusalem. #Shalom is not peace because you are not fighting, but peace because you’ve overcome and become whole with complete and abundant life! Can’t wait to get back on the mission field, this time with a little one strapped to my back! #womenwarriors #princessesoftheking #DeborahsRiseUp

It’s my husband’s last day of being a national champion, so he says. Here are some pictures from our gender reveal to cheer him up! He can’t wait to have a boy and share his love of sports with him! 👶🏼⚾️🏈🏀💙 #babyhinkleuno #mcm #genderreveal #brycegunnar @allierosephotography #notmynationalchampionship #marriage #love #bump #spouserivalry

Praying for the fruit of the spirit over baby Bryce. Particularly patience! Enjoyed a week of family and friends! Our wildest new year yet! Gamecock fan base is tired today after all the NYE partying. #31weeks #beachbody #newyear #gococks #brycegunnar #babyhinkleuno

The graphic artist and former print shop worker in me gets so excited for these cards! An awesome trifold with an important message. In case people didn’t know I’m going to have a baby lol and yes it’s true, Josh and I will be moving to southwest Florida next summer. It’s been a hard pill to swallow, but looking forward to new adventures with my new little family. Cover photo is of the beautiful #menorah display from my wedding. The other pics are from #Jamaica during first few weeks of pregnancy unbeknownst to Josh. 😜 #celiagphotographie #flowers #lightoftheworld #peacock #feastofdedication #gown #wefancyhuh #christmascards @whitehouseweddingflowers

30 weeks today and discovering the orthopedic joys of the 3rd trimester lol. The planet I am carrying is wobbling around its axis when turning en pointe. Enjoy a little piece of choreography I created for a little worship dancer at @turningpointecentreforthearts. Also came home to a lovely quote on a Christmas card! Love getting those this time of year! #pointe #pregnancy #thirdtrimester #bump #babyhinkleuno #brycegunnar #worship #dance song: “Oh The Power” by @karijobe

Almost forgot this months preggo pics! I’m 27 weeks or 6ish months? Idk anymore but I got some hilarious videos from class today. The first is of my planet-shaped self teaching some awesome ballet choreography. Notice how the shirt rides up and no longer meets the pants lol. Second, is my cute students trying to master a new step, and the third is Bryce and myself demonstrating that same step for my giggly girls.
PSA: Remember to treat pregnant women as normal humans if you can. Telling them what they can and can’t do when you are not their doctor or nurse typically makes them angry. Multiple stupid questions can also make their tempers flair. If you are wondering whether your question is stupid or not, go ahead and assume it is. Deposit the stupidness in a trash can in the back of your mind and never open it again. If you have to say “can I make a suggestion?” Please put a sock in your mouth and walk away. Pregnant women will tell you when they need help. The worst is negative comments and/or advice. Just because your experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting were horrific does not mean theirs will be. Don’t put your bad juju on others please. I don’t have fear, anxiety, or worries over the future. Never have, never will. Peace of mind is a blessing and gift God gave to me. This child is not my own. He is God’s and I am willing to dedicate him to the Lord as Hannah did. I will not choose my son over my God. I will be willing to give him up as Abraham did. I will set him apart on the path of the straight and narrow as Elizabeth did. #BabyHinkleUno #BryceGunnar #pregnant #ballerina #ballet #barre #pointe #dance #bump #TurningPointe @turningpointecentreforthearts

Reminiscing about this past Thanksgiving and Carolina bowl! Times filled with family, friends, football, food, fun, and black Friday shopping! There is no living with my husband with yet another Clemson win. He also picked out the winner for Miss Universe correctly lol. Lifting up my maid and matron of honor in prayer! Love them so much and miss our glory days of Clemson dominance and being southern belles together at Williams Brice! Can’t wait for my Bryce to enjoy the rivalry soon! Aren’t my people pretty?! #gamecocks #carolinagirls #uofscalumni #throwbackthursday #thanksgiving #celiagphotographie #maidofhonor #matronofhonor #weddingdress #HookLineandHinkle #babyHinkleUno #BryceGunnar

Cool little fetal anatomy lesson with Dr. Lovelace. Mama not feeling great but Bryce is having fun flipping around in there! The MDs said me being 25 weeks is the best time to see the baby in action because he is still small enough to move around a lot and his organs can be seen clearly. As babies get bigger in the 3rd trimester they have less room to stretch their legs and their calcified bones make things harder to see. Enjoy! #ultrasound #25weeks #BryceGunnar #BabyHinkleUno

Thankful for a man who provides and protects! It’s @shutterfly scrapbooking season, so I’ve been looking back through wedding photos! Thanks again @harbouraffair #celiagphotographie
Noticing sweet details of my husband smiling at me and making me laugh. How wonderful it is to be adored, and how much more does our heavenly husband adore His bride! Love you Josh, have a good first day at your new job! #mcm #HookLineandHinkle #weddedbliss #blushingbride #love #groom #candy

This months pregnancy pics are very meaningful to me. I am now 22 weeks with my baby boy. We are dancing in honor of another sweet boy who was born today and is now being held in the arms of Jesus. All I can do is pray and worship. Excuse the shaky video as my precious students filmed and sang along. Sometimes we just need to be held. Thank you Father for holding us during those times. #Held by @nataliegrant #dance #worship #pray #pointe #BryceGunnar #BabyHinkleUno #mommytobe

Officially announcing Baby Boy Hinkle's name! BRYCE GUNNAR HINKLE! Bryce means swift, alert, and quick moving. Gunnar means fighter, soldier, attacker, brave and bold warrior. We have a mighty man of God in the making! All registered at Buy Buy Baby and ready for everything to be monogrammed! Here we go! #BabyHinkleUno #BryceGunnar #bHg #LittlePrince #SouthernGentleman #MommyToBe #FirstTimeParents

The larger pic on the right side is before the gender reveal and smaller ones on the left are after. As you can see my husband is over the moon for a baby boy. My face is not as convincing lol, mainly just bummed I can't shop for cute girly outfits...yet. Josh and I also have a deep spousal rivalry and now I have to live with his gloating forever. I had only one clue last week that it would be a boy (as I was convinced it was a girl), which was the beautiful scripture I found on Elizabeth's pregnancy with John the Baptist. Also got a sweet hungry caterpillar book/toy set from my mom! Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the comical chaos piñata party with us! More pictures to come soon! #BabyHinkleUno #BaseballvsBallet #babyboy #genderreveal

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