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-ˏˋKELLˎˊ-  shout it from the roof tops, write it on the skyline🌃📽☄ •


Hey guys this is Kell, the real Kell! Stop lying and claiming that you are me. Also stop asking for my user. I'm done with the dance moms fandom. It's filled with liars and other people who use you. I have made many wonderful friends on here though! I'm done living my life through a screen. I don't want to die with never doing anything in life. I might come on sometimes but I'm done for now. I love you all thanks for the good memories that I had! #dancemoms

Collab with
Mah homie!
I honestly love this!
I did effects!
Tag four of your besties! { #dancemoms #aldcla #aldc #dancemoms1 }

I just met
You but I love so so
Much already!
I can tell we are going to
Be great friends!
Your are so so funny!
Well anyways happy
Birthday love you!
@millerslayers { #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldc #aldcla }

Dedicated to
my BFF!
Which I actually
collabed with!
So happy I
met you GURL!
Will you be the Lilia to my
Kenzie? Love you
Mariana! You
absolutely mean the
world to me !
@justourkenziie {#dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldc #aldcla }

Dear LIV (@chloesyounow ), don't you dare leave. You mean so much to me! If you ever need me I am here for you and I'm sure @lskasiak and @thecastofdancemoms are as well! We love you so much LIV! {#aldcla #dancemoms1 #dancemoms #aldc}

I'm so happy
I figured out
How to do
On video star!
Ugh I'm so
Tired and I have
Home work😭
Comment opinions below! { #dance #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldc #aldcla} ☔️🌌🔮

I love how this
Turned out!
This is actually my
Ringtone and I
Love it so so much!
I tried a bunch of
New things in this
Comment opinions
Below! 🕶🌑📼
{ #aldc #aldcla #dancemoms #dancemoms1}

This is dedicated to my friends!
Rach💝 (@justmyaldc)
ILYSM I really want to visit you! Your like my only DM friend that I have met in real life. It's hard to Believe that I moved.
LIV 💘( @chloesyounow),
ILYSM I'm so glad I've met you! You have really helped me expand my range of friends and your always there for me. I love you! I'm always here for you! I love writing with you too! You mean the world to me!
Connor 💚(@mnz.boy) ,
We just met but I'm really excited for our friendship and I hope we can make stronger! Can't wait for what the future holds for us as friends!
Matty 💙(@imaddiezieg),
ILYSM you mean the world to me! I'm so happy we are friends and I'm blessed to have a friend like you! YOUR SO FUNNY!
Rowan 💓(@rowaldc)
ILYSM you mean a ton to me. I still feel like your mad at me but i love you so much!
Azaria 💘( @ayeziegler)
ILYSM you mean the world to me! I really hope we can talk more!
WHIT 💝(@lukasietts)
BAE! GOALS! I look up to you your my writing inspiration! So glad we are friends you mean so much to me and I never ever want to loose you! I love your ability to always include others!
Ash ❣(@aldconfire),
ILYSM you mean a lot to me I really love you! Ash and your acc name 😂😂😂because like fire and ashes. Omg I need to stop.
CASS ❤️(@abbyleechristmas)
ILYSM I'm so so happy I met you. I don't know what I would do with out you! You mean the world to me!
Lexie 💛(@thecastofdancemoms)
ILYSM I really want to get closer with you because you seem so nice and funny!!!!!!!! Becky 💚(@kenzienicolehilliker), ILYSM you mean a ton to me I just want you to know that!
Nikki 💙(@madieglers)
ILYSM we haven't really talked but I really want to get to know you better!
Madi 💜(@chloelukasiak33)
WE NEED TO TALK WAY MORE! just wanted to let you know I love you!
SID 💗(@kenzieandmaddie), MY HOMIE ILYSM SO MUCH YOU MEAN SO SO MUCH TO ME *drops mic*
Sami 💖- I could fit yours I'm working on an edit for you! ------
I'm sorry if I did not include you this is just a couple of my friends!
I love you all! I'm so honored to be in all of these croup chats ECT. With all of you amazing people!
{ #dancemoms #dance #aldc #friends}

+ liked how this
turned out. I
really liked the
the words on top
of the edit planning
on working on some
new at it soon
please comment
below if you
would like to colab
{ #dancemoms #dm #aldc #aldcla}

Colab with @mnzison
Luv Liz to death!
That we just met!
Can't wait for what the future
Will hold for us!
I did effects! { #dancemoms #aldc #dmfanbase #aldcla} 🐽🏩🛍

Hey guys!
Quality died 😭
It's kell!
This is
My first video edit
In a while!
I really need to learn
how to do transitions
I'm in love with
the new emojis
{#dancemoms #dmfanbase #aldcla #aldc #bae #dm #dance}

+ I really like
How this
Turned out!
Well I'm headed
To bed soon
Can I wake up
With 900?

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